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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: March 24, 2019 01:21:43

Well, this should have the shadiest award of the year impo! Just doubling down on Bitconnect! Maybe not a coin yet, but that may still be coming along further down the road (USI Tech also launched their coin much later, in the last stage of the scam). Copy paste MLM & ponzi scheme blueprint!

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avatar Crypto Anonymous 186 rated: March 23, 2019 07:28:50

Hey Hey Heeeeeyyy! We got another one: Bitconnect 2019! Technically this is not a coin (oddly enough, because usually all these have their coin as well, but I hope the admins will approve this anyway, because the word needs to get out). Has all the same red flags as Bitconnect, promising even higher "guaranteed payouts" than Bitconnect, of course with absolutely no risk and money back guarantee:

  • Multilevel affiliate program, for direct referrals you will get 15% of deposits of new customers (this means the new user starts off with 85% of their deposit per definition)
  • The usual investment packages that you will give the daily guaranteed profits generated by this amazing "AI trading bot" (don't believe those who say they have an AI trading bot, because anyone who has a profitable AI trading bot will keep it a secret)......this has all the hallmarks of your average ponzi; unproven trading bot that can generate guaranteed daily profits, yeah sure!
  • The leadership team comes with profile pics, BUT don't appear to have LinkedIN, CEO only has Telegram and email and the other to executives only email
Currently they are still paying out apparently, as they all do in the first phase to gain credibility. Of course inevitably there comes the moment where the ponzi collapses and they exit scam. I do not trust this one singly bit and neither should you! Red flags in crypto is NO GO by default! 

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