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avatar Crypto Anonymous 186 rated: March 04, 2019 07:14:11

At first glance this seems pretty solid and innovative project with a promising future looking at the license and popularity (biggest dapp ever in usage and volume apparently). Also it seems to introduce radical fairness to betting by an innovation where the user him/herselve generates the seed for randomness apparently. I do have to state some reservations because of the following observations that may or may not have any significance, but at least raised my eye brows more than just a little: 

  • Link to medium account is broken (return error: suspended???)
  • No Github updates since Aug 2018
  • They got hacked and EOS got stolen in Sep 2018, article here.
  • Whitepaper seems unavailable, therefore difficult to establish whether acquiring BET tokens actually give a good ROI, not enough details available on website
  • Couldn't find any team details
  • This article also sheds some light on potential red flags

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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: March 04, 2019 06:40:51

Obtaining first on chain gambling license (from Curacao), being already very successful and having paid out house profits already, it seems quite a legit platform tbh. The house has no edge, 100% of house profits paid out to BET token holders. Interesting detail: there currently is no ICO, but an airdrop to those that bet with EOS (either winning or losing bets) will get BET token, which would entitle to dividend payouts. Interesting model that would encourage funding as well adoption. The obtained license makes me assume there isn't anything inherently shady going on. The platform's initial traction and dividend model seems to indicate a reasonable profitable investment expectation if the eventual token price is fair in relation to expected future profits.

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avatar Satoshi 9 rated: March 02, 2019 07:06:54

EOSBet is a open-source casino platform and is the first platform to get a on-chain license. Its the first dapp on EOS as well. 

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