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avatar Crypto Bear 50 rated: March 21, 2019 06:14:11

No whitepaper, very simple website with hardly any more information about what this project actually tries to achieve and what the role for the coin might be in that dynamic. It is supposed to become an blockchain based operating system that will be more secure than Linux and as user friendly as Apple Mac. How are they going to achieve this, hard to find out! No ICO though, no apparent other form of fundraising. But coins are going to be swapped from another (useless) project apparently. Looks like a waste of time and resources to be mining this or keeping a masternodes, which seem the only things that can be done with this. Because there is no apparent fundraise, I am not going to rate this too negatively either. 

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avatar Oblivion79 7 rated: March 20, 2019 14:26:13

Coin is currently going through a 3 month swap period (Jan 30th - Apr 30th) from a hyper-staked coin (EndoV2) to a more sustainable asset
with proper coin distribution rewards and maintainable circulation supply. This is being done with a new team of community volunteers striving to make a difference in this transition process. The supply is not set to reach max coins for approximately 50+ years allowing for a gradual sustained growth. This is to lay the ground work for future development of a new blockchain based operating system housing a more secure backbone than ones currently in use. Team currently also has an active swap bot allowing a rather seamless transition of the old EndoV2 coin (which has NO use) to the newly created EndoX.

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