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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: December 17, 2018 23:12:23

Very well orchestrated scam which they made seem very plausible with even a working MVP demonstration. However it had red flags all over the place, for example on their website you could calculate your profits from assumed mining rewards. It was a pretty obvious money grab and quite shortly after the ICO ended the team practically disappeared for months and after that they came out with the story of an internal dispute between the CEO and the founders. Hard to say who scammed who exactly in this whole drama, but the result is that I don’t see investors getting any return on their investment; I am even surprised the token price has “only” dropped 95% from ICO price, as most coins have in this bear market, so it isn’t even that remarkable of a decline.

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avatar Crypto Anonymous 186 rated: October 17, 2018 06:59:53

After seeing and hearing the story from both sides in the conflict, it seems one of both (founders or CEO) have been trying to hijack the project for their own benefit. First of all tokens were still being sold eventhough the ICO already had ended, which was shady in and out of itself already. Then right after the ICO process was concluded, nobody heard from the team anymore for months, until the internal dispute was announced. Anyway still no mining units in operation and token holders are not receiving any benefits from their investment that went from a $1 ICO price to $0.04 currently.

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Market information:

Price (USD):$ 0.123463
Market Cap (USD):$ 1,741,247.63
24h Volume:$ 3,528.83

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