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avatar CryptoBox 23 rated: April 21, 2019 09:32:24

The site doesn't give too much detail on the technical aspects of the coin and looks a lot like every ICO from 2017. It looks like the team have good intentions but until the technical details are presented there is no way to know if they can deliver on their roadmap. 

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avatar Crypto Anonymous 186 rated: April 14, 2019 05:31:17

They do not seem to be misleading investors in any form and as long as you consider this a community coin to incentivize charity without profit expectations, I don't see much of a problem with it. I also don't see reasons to not trust this foundation to actually employ the intended funds indeed for charity. 

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avatar EcoWealth 7 rated: April 12, 2019 20:35:03

Extremely Communicative Team, Easy Participation, Payable And Compounding.

Generous, and Legitimate Standing in USA.
Full Trust. Thank You.

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avatar AaronJBarnes 3 rated: April 12, 2019 08:48:00

Not shady at all, unless you consider helping the environment possible. If i had but one critique, and i believe it to be something we can all agree on.....needs more cowbell


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avatar jim530 21 rated: April 12, 2019 00:16:02

There is no promise of fast cash or unrealistic rewards from developers, I like that. The EverGreenCoin Foundation is a registered 501c3 public charity in the US that has to follow the government standard for operation to maintain its legal charity status. This is one of a few if not the only crypto that has legally enforceable accountability to maintain the blockchain and provide project updates to its community regularly and is not only accountable but is recognized as a public charity so holds itself to an even higher standard to maintain this status. They provide fee free crowdfunding for green projects as well as promote many green efforts like the recently launched Proof of Environment program that rewards and promotes environmental action.  This is a philanthropy coin and does philanthropy if you measure gains in good done by the project and its community this coin would be a clear winner if you only care for personal profit this may not be the coin for you.

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Price (USD):$ 0.020068
Market Cap (USD):$ 280,496.26
24h Volume:$ 26.26

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