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avatar Crypto 19 rated: May 31, 2019 11:15:06

This project is very legit, Kudos guys, Their website is awesome, Their team seems fake but no problem about that, The only thing is invest what you can afford to loose

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avatar Crypto Anonymous 186 rated: April 14, 2019 05:07:52

They seem to be a legit company that is supposed to be a sort of Paypal for the unbanked by utilizing blockchain for remittances and microlending. Although more coins/tokens often claim they solve the remittance issue by just launching a cryptocurrency that should be the solution in and out of itself, at least Everex seems to be building a system of remittances by using e-money tokens that are (let's assume their claim is real) backed by actual fiat currency deposits. This usecase does however entirely depend on the Everex company as a centralized entity to be successful, so the token does not represent a decentralized value proposition. so investors need to be aware of that. 

Also, although the e-fiat tokens can be used for remittances, the EVX token doesn't play a direct role in this, unless fees are charged (one of the usecases for EVX is requirement for payment for services on the platform). 

The other primary usecase for EVX is sort of a credit scoring system for people holding EVX (a higher balance plays a part for a higher credit score for the micro lending platform).

The company has recently signed an agreement with a Thai Bank for a remittance service with Myanmar, which certainly helps the case for legitimacy (if the Thai bank did its due diligence).

Seems the company has also contributed to the Ethereum eco system with their own blockexplorer Ethplorer.io which is being used by other crypto platforms on Ethereum as well.

Binance research did recently publish a relatively positive report on Everex, and even though that is no guarantee at all, at least we may assume some due diligence in researching the project has gone into this report, which does add to the credibility.

To summarize: eventhough I believe in the legitimacy of the company, services and the team, the usecases and value proposition seem to be a bit disappointing from an investor point of view, so I think that is where the project/team is definitely lacking and I can't therefore put a 100% confidence unfortunately.

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avatar dennis 34 rated: April 12, 2019 05:52:11

tl;dr real company doing cross border money transfer but have yet to deploy true utility to their token, but token is well-traded on trusted exchanges

disclaimer: I participated in Everex ICO, but hold no EVX tokens anymore

Everex started in Singapore with an ICO with an industry targeting cross border money transfer which is huge in Southeast Asia where there are many countries and lots of cross cultural pollination in close density. They've since launched a mobile app to facilitate money transfer, however their EVX token is not really being used at it's specified utility. As mentioned on their website, the EVX token is mainly used for driving their lending/credit marketplace, which doesn't exist yet. The plus side is that if you believe in the company, the token is available to trade on top exchanges like Binance as well as a few Asia region exchanges and is show on CMC to have high volume. Strong liquidity backing a token shows promise.

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Price (USD):$ 0.470332
Market Cap (USD):$ 7,760,479.39
24h Volume:$ 1,013,633.42

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