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gekkehond posted on July 13, 2020 15:55:57

The topdog of the exchanges right now. Still very cheap with the BNB-fee discount, although that will disappear. Had a huge amount of assets.
I dislike the iOS app somewhat. I keep getting logged out, but that might just be me.


topjobs11 posted on February 10, 2020 12:07:49

Been a client of Binance since 2017, I like the security of the site with their SAFU fund. I like their range of services and would recommend it to anyone who wants to exchange or buy/sell cryptocurrencies.


shahswar posted on February 09, 2020 11:32:32

I have been trading on a number of exchanges over the years but have always found Binance to be the best of them all. It's fast and has cheap fees for trading and withdrawal. I have had no problems with them so far.


Bakayaro posted on February 06, 2020 22:55:00

Their site is very difficult to use on a smartphone and the KYC process is also difficult! Their fees are also pretty high. I'm also worried about its security because it was hacked before. Hopefully Binance can improve and be better in the future.


anggoro posted on February 06, 2020 22:52:15

The best exchange I have ever tried out. Large volume in most of their markets. Their speed, features, user interface, etc. makes it very easy to use for a beginner trader like me. Thank you Binance for creating awesome apps that enable easy crypto trading.


tedychatrine posted on February 06, 2020 12:08:24

Binance is a popular place to trade bitcoin and more than 100 altcoins.

I have always had a good experience when using Binance, with low trading fees and fast deposit/withdrawal for many coins & tokens.


hernext posted on February 06, 2020 11:22:37

For me, this is the best exchange I've ever used. Excellent in terms of security, excellent in terms of UI/UX, and excellent in terms of site stability. I recommend this exchange if you want to start trading crypto, or it can be your second favorite exchange after the local exchange available in your country (that supports your local currency).


udinujang posted on February 06, 2020 11:24:11

I have been trading on Binance for more than one year and have had a good experience with their security processes and the altcoins that are listed there are good. I am happy to recommend this exchange, it will likely be a good experience for you too. :)

avatar mochaz 2

mochaz posted on February 06, 2020 11:28:16

This an awesome exchange. They have a big community. And I have already been trading on Binance for 2 years, if you guys want to trade you must try Binance exchange, no need to KYC for smaller withdrawals. You guys can also do futures trading on Binance if you want.

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