Uniswap Exchange

Uniswap Exchange

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A protocol for automated token exchange on Ethereum

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Uniswap Exchange

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avatar nenad 44

nenad posted on August 27, 2020 03:18:49

I used Uniswap a lot in the last 7 months, mostly for the HEX/ETH pair on Uniswap v1, later also on v2, and I was initially totally fascinated by the mechanism by which it works. It's probably the most innovative development in exchange tech.

The concept of liquidity providers being the market makers trough liquidity pools is just genius. It makes centralized exchanges obsolete


paulendsinl posted on August 27, 2020 01:16:24

Uniswap is the future of decentralized finance.

It allows anyone at anytime to transact on Ethereum based defi projects, and it is uncensored, so be careful what you buy check the contract address on etherscan.io to make sure it’s the token you want , as sometimes there are copies with exact same token name.

This future is here.


mattnook posted on August 26, 2020 14:25:11

Uniswap is great and I'm really glad DEXs are gaining so much traction. The only thing I don't like is their default token list, which seems to arbitrarily include some tokens and exclude others (like HEX). Luckily, you can simply copy/paste the contract address into uniswap. Also, i like that it can be easily recreated and that it's open-source. This is true innovation and hopefully t


mistergrin posted on June 10, 2020 18:53:57

I used Uniswap v2 exchange for the first time today to swap an ERC20 token for ETH! It worked seamlessly except for 1 very confusing part of their UI/UX experience.

Apparently we need to send a transaction 1st from our MetaMask to let Uniswap's smart contract to interact with our token contract on behalf of us. Then we need to press the "Swap" button AGAIN to actually i

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