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CryptoInsider posted on June 10, 2019 20:20:08

So I've been experimenting with, mining and using Fujicoin for a couple of years now. All I can say is that this is genuinely one of the top altcoins out there. The lead developer is exceptionally dedicated to this project and publishes updates both punctually and transparently. Every time there has been an security update to Litecoin or Bitcoin for example, the patches are replicated in Fujicoin almost the next day. This is obviously reassuring to investors and miners.

There is a very active development and investor community over at Slack. This project is distinguished by its honesty and simplicity. FujiCoin is not a gimmick like many other altcoins. It is solid and highly usable as a currency, having almost zero transaction fees and a fairly quick block generation speed. It uses a rather unique scrypt-variant algorithm which essentially renders it impervious to 51% attacks, as mining this algorithm via NiceHash etc is not currently possible.

FujiCoin is a very quintessentially Japanese coin. Honest, resilient, practical. I think that also being one of the very oldest altcoins, it has a great future. Keep an eye on this coin in the run up to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Rumour has it that this coin will be going all the way to the moon, and I don't doubt it.

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geneclash posted on June 09, 2019 21:26:51

Agree with Fiat Daily's comments. Github is active. More paperwork (whitepaper/onepaper) and updates (road-map/social/awareness) would really help.

Currency wise Tx is very quick

avatar motty 2
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motty posted on June 07, 2019 18:17:18

Website: ★★★★: Old-style but full-featured and constantly maintained.
--> https://www.fujicoin.org/
Wallet: ★★★★★: Full lineup. Core, Electrum, Coinomi, Web-wallet, TREZOR, Paper-wallet.
--> https://www.fujicoin.org/wallet.php
Exchange: ★★★: 4 Exchange, 2 DEX
--> https://www.fujicoin.org/buy-fujicoin.php
White paper: ★★★★★: Remittance is very quick. The S-Curve distribution is excellent. Anti 51% attack is a unique feature.
--> https://www.fujicoin.org/what-is-fujicoin.php

Currently, the price of this coin is left unbelievably cheap. I believe it is worth at least 100 times more.

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Fiat Daily posted on May 31, 2019 13:54:47

I am sort of 50/50 on this coin tbh. And I have some pros and cons. Let's start with the positive
- pro active team and a lot more contributions on github than most other dead coins/scams listed on this website. (only quantity not necessarily quality of commits)
- Coin exists 5 years and is still operational, which at the very least gives it some credibility and track record, infinitely better than the vast vast majority of crap projects out there, which are by far much younger than this one, and many of those already live in a zombie existence.
- I find their S-curve coin issuance a very good solution for fair distribution of coins, so that not only the earliest adopters benefit (like in most other cryptocurrencies) the most and what theoretically should allow for more stable growth. Their max total supply will be 10 billion, which optically and practically looks much better than lower supply numbers, but that's just optics, not real innovation of course.

But there is also plenty criticism:
- They did have a pre mine and I've seen posts that in the beginning they weren't completely transparent about it.
- Team is only anonymous and although in most cases that is a red flag, in this type of project it could be reasonable, just like satoshi was anonymous, however the team only consists of a few anonymous members, which makes the coin also highly centralized in its leadership.
- No whitepaper, which is also a big red flag. There is not much information available to assess this project's feasibility based on what innovation they bring to the table and what roadmap there is. More about that in next points.
- The only innovation seems to be some tweaks like the distribution S curve schedule, supply and claims that their capactity is 10x faster than Bitcoin. For the rest they are pretty much a bitcoin (based on bitcoin core client and electrum wallet). They also claim to be protected against 51% attacks, but no technical explanation to be found that helps to support that claim.
- There pretty much is not much roadmap except a very broad claim that they want to create a Fuji marketplace, but no explanation on what that is supposed to look like and how or when to achieve such goal.
- The website needs a serious update, which makes them seem not so professional or even deceptive: the website claims that they are listed on many exchanges, but according to CMC it is only on Yobit. Even worse: even Cryptopia is still on there, while that exchange is already shutdown due to hack/exit scam/bankruptcy. Not a good sign.

So even though the negative points would normally lead me to give much lower ratings, I am leaning towards giving this coin some benefit of the doubt, mainly due to their longer history of existence and activity. In terms of my belief if this is a viable investment and if they will reach greater adoption and traction: I highly doubt it, but that is pure personal opinion. That doesn't exclude the possibility that random pump and dumps may occur at any random time ofcourse.


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