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avatar Jason T. 107 rated: February 21, 2019 02:01:04

Usually wouldn't give a project with anonymous founders a 0% shady rating but... here we go. Grin is based on the relatively new Mimblewimble protocol which offers unique scalability and privacy improvements on Bitcoin's UTXO model. Grin is the community implementation of MW. It had no pre-mine, no ICO, and no funding for the "founders". It was born just like Bitcoin! Anonymous founder who dropped a white-paper onto the internet. Now fair warning, just because I don't think it's shady doesn't mean that it's not a risky investment (the implementation may be flawed too, it's early, who knows?)

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avatar Dr. Doom 205 rated: February 21, 2019 10:35:10

Too bad it's an altcoin, would have loved to see this implemented directly onto bitcoin, perhaps as sidechain, but still this MimbleWimble technology could be a very important progress for crypto. Because this coin has a very similar grassroots development as bitcoin did and thus no premining, no airdrops, no ICO, A lot of backing from bitcoin developers too I def prefer Grin over its corporate version Beam. Developers receive donations for the project, which seems fair enough. Not easily available yet on exchanges so there is an improvement point, but that is probably bc this project is inherently not so well funded that it can afford listing fees which impo they shouldn't pay anyway. Maybe not the easy gains speculators coin, but long term fundamental perspective looks very promising. One of the very few projects that honestly deserve the not shady at all rating from my point of view

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