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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: May 29, 2019 18:19:47

The so called "big volume" and "10 times price increase" mentioned in another review are quite deceptive: big pump and dump on this exchange. Price has dropped back to zero and virtually no trading volume left. No buy orders in the order book, only sell orders. Literally worthless token.

Then no visible team and no whitepaper. Github shows just 1 activity of file upload and nothing more.

This must be a joke coin: it's some scary website that claims you need to pay one token to a wallet address to pass the river of Hades in the after life. Creepy coin would perhaps be a better name for this. This is just a joke pump and dump coin. Idk who bought this at the initial CREX listing, but they got rekt completely and if it were the team selling I guess they were able to suck away valuable satoshis from naive investors.

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avatar voichuck 4 rated: May 21, 2019 05:55:22

Im new here but I think that is really promising token. however, its not good for token to be listed on one exchange. Maybe if token will be added on other exchange, it will help this token to raise its volume and price

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avatar Den23 2 rated: May 10, 2019 11:54:30

I rarely write reviews all the more wouldn't give a project with anonymous founders a 0% shady rating but... here we go. I believe this coin has potential. Just looked at the trading history on crex24.com and think that really a good sign that the token had such a big volume trading. in one day, even increased its price by almost 10 times. I think that you need to look at the new token

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