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avatar Crypto Anonymous 186 rated: June 20, 2019 22:24:43

When it comes to innovation with regards to this token: there is none. It is just a standard ERC20 token of which there are thousands and the whitepaper does not convince me that there is anything special about this particular token. They claim to be building a wide range and variety of projects around this token, which so far are only promises on paper. Btw the whitepaper's text is pretty awful and hard to follow, seems as if it is directly translated by Google. On various occasions I read about "business opportunity" and ways to make money, or at least suggestions are made towards this, however no explanation on how the token investor would make profits. Github shows only the erc20 token published, nothing else. I have seen so many projects like this and it is usually just a money grab. Hard proof for that I can't find, only the lack of proof that something is actually happening. I would be extremely skeptical, which I am, because it looks and smells fishy. In short, you will be sending your hard earned money to some stranger on the internet, that has made all kinds of promises, without a clear description on how the promised objectives are going to be achieved and why there would be a token needed for that (apart from the team raising money from uneducated investors, which clearly seems to be the (easy) target audience; advanced crypto users/investors will directly reject any project similar to this).

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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: June 21, 2019 12:36:36

By the looks of it, this project should not be taken too seriously, they are trying to sell a lot of hopium but the paper describes very little on how exactly those goals are going to be achieved. THe token is not at all needed only then to facilitate funding. ERC20 tokens are as easy as copy paste, yet in the whitepaper they call it as if they "designed" the token to be something special, no designing involved. THey are selling a worthless token based on vague promises and claims that are going to be immensely hard to achieve. Hot air no substance.

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avatar jamoran1356 4 rated: June 09, 2019 21:22:31

When we started this project two years ago, we started it as a payment gateway, and we though to work with the banks. When we realize that traditional banks have been had problems with network connection we knew that we had to change our direction. To work with the blockchain will bring to all our users security, transparency, speed, and we are working to make easy it for everyone.

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