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avatar Kingnuze 2 rated: June 28, 2019 22:52:53

The ease and simplistic way of earning cryptocurrency is amazing by using the lunch money DApp/platform, the Lunch Money DApp is set up to bring in mass adoption to the crypto space...

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avatar laxmansingh 2 rated: June 28, 2019 10:39:38

The Lunch Money Dapp is beautifully developed with love. To use this platform people don't need to know blockchain insights, just three simple steps: EAT-SNAP-EARN. Token is listed on wallets like TrustWallet, eidoo etc. People can store their tokens safe with ease in such wallets. They have some great strategic partnerships as well.

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avatar Thanos19 2 rated: June 27, 2019 22:20:05

The project is self funded and has a strong team behind it. The Lunch Money Dapp has a real use case and immediate liquidity with
partnerships and Ternio’s Blockcard.

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