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An EU regulated managed staking & masternode platform for 40+ coins    

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cryptopunisher posted on January 29, 2020 14:28:55

A nice source of earning with interest by investing and staking your coins. If you are a bounty or airdrop hunter, they also have lots of nice giveaways for you. Highly recommended.


Jessica35 posted on January 21, 2020 14:47:49

MyCointainer is a great site to stake your coins! You’ll earn a daily profit on several coins including Rapids $RPD. Great community collaboration between Rapids and MyCointainer. I highly recommend both projects.

avatar genabb 4

genabb posted on January 21, 2020 16:08:04

Good service, has a large variety of supported coins and for many of them the fee is 0. Some are not well-known, but in crypto you never know which projects will succeed in long run, so I have selected an assortment.


jerryrigg411420 posted on January 21, 2020 18:05:37

Used them from the start with no complaints. Quality service, great coin selection, and improving all the time. Much easier than maintaining your own wallets and setting up VPS staking. If you want to try a new coin, you should trade for it instead of looking for it on a certain exchange. I also like the great charity work they do as well.


marve2j posted on January 22, 2020 03:34:21

MyCointainer offers a very simple and friendly user interface that allows you to manage all your crypto assets with relative ease while earning passive income.

They have a wide variety of coins to choose from for investment, a very attractive ROI using their staking platform, and a very informative FAQ that addresses your basic questions with detailed answers.


avatar cryptomole 2782

cryptomole posted on January 22, 2020 12:39:18

I've been using MyCointainer for about 10 months.

Nice & clean web interface, decent assortment of stakeable coins, 2FA for increased security (via Google Authenticator, Authy or similar app), great support (chat, email), constantly updated blog (, no minimum/maximum deposit limit. Some may also consider MC being regulated by FIU &


Corona78 posted on January 22, 2020 14:06:23

MyCointainer is a great staking service for crypto, I personally stake Rapids $RPD coin and the daily earnings are great! Also they offer a shared masternode service for all Rapids investors and the website interface is very friendly.

So, I recommend this project a lot if you are looking for a good one to invest your crypto - you won't regret it!


dropholion posted on January 22, 2020 19:46:41

To be honest, this is my first review about a crypto project and it is a for a good reason! This is an excellent project and a massive thanks has to be given to the development team for creating a project like this.

The ability to earn passively on your investments as well support for many crypto coins ensures that this project will have a very successful future!

avatar kimzim 2

kimzim posted on January 23, 2020 11:54:21

MyCointainer is a very good place to stake various cryptocurrencies - it's easy to use and very profitable. I'll definitely recommend it my friends. I personally am going to stake RPD as it looks very profitable and some Bean Cash perhaps. Who knows maybe I'll try out most of the coins available on their platform.


Kingdixxl posted on January 24, 2020 12:18:27

I've been using MyCointainer for a couple months now, and I just love it. I see my tokens accrue daily and it's exciting to come back and see my balance increase every time I log back in. This is my go to staking site for sure.

avatar wolvee 2

wolvee posted on January 26, 2020 13:05:01

This app has it all, from crypto airdrops, giveaways, bounties, rewards, and much more. Also you can do mining and staking. If you're new to cryptocurrency or an experienced HODLer, MyCointainer has something for you.

avatar kekoa 2

kekoa posted on January 26, 2020 17:00:54

I've been using MyCointainer since May 2019. They are a solid crypto staking platform that currently offers rewards for 44 cryptos and they have offered daily compound interest since the beginning.

It's critical for me that any crypto operation I invest in has to provide decent access to tax-related information. Thankfully, MyCointainer's online history can be easily copied into

avatar Chriss 27

Chriss posted on January 27, 2020 12:34:19

Great platform, easy to stake coins and buy coins directly with bank wire. They have an insightful blog which is really instructive.

For now I stake RPD, and they provide me nice stats of my staking, and also daily rewards.


juggalizzle posted on January 28, 2020 13:00:21

I have used this for a few months now and have had no real issues. I have not attempted withdrawal yet and my rating/review will be subject to change after I have submitted withdrawal request. Very decent app so far.


Kytsune posted on January 21, 2020 13:07:54

MyCointainer has an easy-to-understand interface. They accept Bitcoin and numerous other cryptocurrencies for the purposes of staking. It is relatively new to me but it was easy to use. I've tried out the platform, and it has worked out well so far.


whiteboy916 posted on January 30, 2020 10:53:20

This is a wonderful website to earn and learn about investing and staking your coins. And they have a pretty easy user interface, simple to figure things out, and easy website navigation. A large variety number of coins are offered. It's a well rounded website period.


joshuadbuffa posted on February 02, 2020 02:17:28

I was pleasantly surprised by the great staking options, offering really good returns. I see this project going places. Great idea and a great project plan. I have been staking only two days and my returns already have me wondering why I didn't get involved with this sooner.


peytonhartley5 posted on February 02, 2020 02:16:23

This site is easy to understand and there is no minimum deposit required. Earning interest on your assets is a wonderful way to save for the future. MyCointainer makes it super easy! A great place for even a beginner.

avatar nechai 2

nechai posted on February 02, 2020 22:37:02

Pros: great service with interesting features such as staking coins, airdrop claim, and most importantly to me - we can use it with iOS or Android apps.

Сons: KYC is required.


Andruid posted on February 03, 2020 08:52:31

Very simple site, just need to deposit and wait to profit. Support responds quickly to my inquiries.

Among similar sites, this is the easiest to understand as well and the referral percentage is good. Super project imo.


sameeradamith posted on February 05, 2020 07:36:55

Great platform, they make it easy to stake coins and buy coins. We can access it on any mobile device. And I like their platform too, it's easily understandable and has a user friendly interface.


yusayus posted on February 06, 2020 11:19:01

To start earning money you will need a crypto asset of your choice. Then you simply transfer it to your MyCointainer’s staking wallet. MyCointainer will utilize the power of blockchain (Proof of Stake + Masternodes) to generate stable profits for you.


vermope posted on February 11, 2020 03:10:23

Easy to use. Just deposit and wait for profit. Staking made easy for everyone. A negative would be that you have to fulfill kyc. In comparison to other similar sites this is one of the better ones.


Kevindesbiens posted on January 24, 2021 08:23:52

I wanted to transfer my ethereum to mycointainer wallet and so for the customer services is not helping at all. They keep repeating for the transaction id. I don't know where it is. I know only the etherscan website that show that the transaction is complete. It's been 24h now and after 7 email they keep asking me for the transaction id. No one there care to explain where to get the god da


MalibuRS posted on February 05, 2021 13:05:30

Yesterday I was robbed in I sow it…
Yesterday I was robbed in I sow it withdraw notifications I've sent reply it's not me the support doesn't care !!!!
the hacker hack them log in to my acc do himself 2FA and stole my funds i was log in done it cancel but they still done it i think there scamers usually i wait 24hrs for withdraw now for 30 min
1.Resset 2FA I'


Jimmy posted on March 03, 2021 14:01:02

I was researching whether to use their services and got the impression they don't care about customers funds security from their customer service. When I asked about security the reply I got was I can keep my coins where there are.

avatar Templi 2

Templi posted on April 06, 2021 04:21:11

Je me suis inscrit sur le site à la recommendation d'une personne sur youtube. Mes dépôts n'arrivent qu'une fois sur 3 et je dois systématiquement faire un ticket et fournir le numéro d'ID. je n'ai jamais vu ça sur d'autres sites. Le pire c'est que sans l'D mais en ayant reçu leur mail de confirmation de dépôt ils sous entendent qu'aucun dépôt n'a


Italianstud88 posted on January 21, 2020 12:09:49

MyCointainer is or should be everyone's go-to platform because of its ease of use, especially for new people, who aren't as educated about crypto as others. This is crucial to help achieve mass adoption. You can stake a variety of tokens on this platform, along with having a MN (masternode), and they are always adding additional assets. The future is bright for this project and team!


mrken777 posted on January 20, 2020 00:09:08

Great to work with. They have always provided quick customer service. The cryptocurrency staking rewards are very generous. I recommend looking into this platform for your cryptocurrency investing needs.

avatar Topper 6

Topper posted on January 20, 2020 03:09:50

The core service it provides - allocating funds to earn interest - is just an incentive to motivate people to interact with the technology behind the unfolding revolution. But beyond that, it is an excellent, concisely presented, informational source (#clairvoyance) designed with care and developed by an industry competent team that possesses a vision and works hard to deliver on it. They are resp

avatar Theo 2

Theo posted on January 20, 2020 11:48:13

Superb service and a great app too. Their wallet services are secure and safe, their transaction fees are quite low as well. MyCointaner is a safe option for cryptocurrency traders and users and is probably one of the safest bets out there.


tammy1237 posted on January 20, 2020 11:48:53

A very good site for staking coins. Easy to use and well built. I had some minor problems with deposits but they're active on Telegram and everything was fixed. Now I'll just have to wait and see how profitable this is ;)

avatar cg0000 2

cg0000 posted on January 21, 2020 01:55:37

Very straightforward design. Easy to use. Support is available on Telegram. Excited to see my cryptocurrencies growing there. I have a good feeling about MyCointainer and trust them with my crypto coins so far.


cryptoless posted on January 21, 2020 02:02:27

Easy to use, can earn so many rewards, and they have many airdrops too. Best place to store your PoS coins imo. Come join our community by going to and you can create your account in <10 seconds.


sfoysal posted on January 21, 2020 02:03:55

Lots of staking options available on the platform and they also can result in very attractive profit returns! Overall, one of the best, secure places to invest your crypto coins.


ne_vtanke posted on January 21, 2020 02:05:57

A convenient service for storing cryptocurrencies. Anyone can figure it out, since the service is simple. I recommended it to my friends and acquaintances. You should try it out too.

avatar fredy 2

fredy posted on January 21, 2020 02:06:16

A very good site for staking coins. Easy to use and well built. The cryptocurrency staking rewards are very generous and their transaction fees are quite low as well.


andersson86 posted on January 21, 2020 02:08:20

Great platform for staking, easy to use - what is not to like?

- Great rewards on whatever you want to stake
- Low fees
- Super engaged community

- Should add more coins


Futuremoney posted on January 21, 2020 02:20:56

In the midst of bear market, MyCointainer has proven to be different and shows that people can grow their crypto balance using their masternode/staking platform.

Earning passively in crypto has not always been easy, but MyCointainer makes it possible.


Jhennyjhen143 posted on January 21, 2020 03:06:07

I've been using MyCointainer for almost a month. I love the platform, it's easy to use. If you're looking for staking platforms, I recommend you try this one. There's a lot of different tokens you can choose from to stake. And they have several social media accounts you can follow for constant updates.

avatar car 4

car posted on January 21, 2020 03:13:51

Their app is only useful if you have already made investments via the main platform and want to get notifications. A major benefit is that you can participate in some ongoing airdrops by using their app.


Madilyn8 posted on January 21, 2020 02:22:49

Very simple to use if you're new to staking, they host your masternodes for free and I don't have to maintain my wallets! You can also easily buy staking coins. Nice app too, a bit barebones so far, but you get daily notifications about your rewards accrued.


charlar posted on January 21, 2020 12:07:55

There are lots of staking sites around but MyCointainer is regulated which makes it more reliable. It also is frequently updated and gives out rewards regularly making it all the more worthwhile.


thessia posted on January 21, 2020 12:05:44

I registered on MyCointainer a few months ago, in September 2019 if I'm not mistaken. Well in a few months, they made a lot of improvements and added so many coins!

It is quite easy and intuitive to use, you just deposit coins and receive rewards daily. If you install the MyCointainer mobile app, you receive a notification around 20.00 of every day with your daily summary. However t

avatar sfemat 2

sfemat posted on January 21, 2020 12:03:30

Very easy and convenient platform to earn passive income from your crypto without any maintenance needed - just wait and collect the rewards. You can also pay no fees with certain plans or by staking specific coins.


rammaster posted on January 21, 2020 12:01:54

MyCointainer is a place where I can easily multiply my cryptocurrency! Here I can store my various tokens and get a good percentage for it! The coins do not just lie on the wallet’s balance, but they bring me profit and a good percentage - it's great! And their mobile app allows me to quickly track the balance of my wallet and savings!


gajoss89 posted on January 21, 2020 12:00:39

MyCointainer is a very good platform for crypto multiplication. High staking rewards. Quick customer service. Low fees and easy to use. A good place to storing your tokens. Check it out on your own. DYOR.


oyeyemmy posted on January 21, 2020 11:59:57

A good platform to keep your cryptocurrencies and very reliable for earning rewards on your tokens/coins. Well coordinated and organized team that has a grand vision for this platform. Join MyContainer and you will never regret it. Thanks everyone.


Mjoctavio22 posted on January 21, 2020 11:58:29

Great staking app! It manages my coins very well and the support is very friendly. They always reply to my concerns as soon as possible. They offer low fees and no hassle deposit and withdrawals... keep it up team MyCointainer!

avatar mrdj85 2

mrdj85 posted on January 21, 2020 11:57:44

Well designed website, nice airdrops and staking options. Good working app on my phone which gives a clear overview of all assets, balances, prizes and other features.


Blackpoint posted on January 21, 2020 11:57:13

My favorite staking app for cryptocurrencies. No fees for some of the staking coins. A good place to store your tokens too. Very good costumer support. Well done team!


orinzone posted on January 21, 2020 11:56:52

MyCointainer is a good place to stake for better rewards and no fee charges for some cryptocurrencies. Their services are recommended for anyone in crypto. They have very transparent team. Keep it up guys!


ByteLong posted on January 21, 2020 11:56:04

I recommend this project to anyone who wants to make money with staking their coins. They have a transparent team and no/low fees for various crypto assets. For anyone who wants to get some passive income, you should try out this platform.


2679carter posted on January 21, 2020 13:11:46

Some coins have been down for way too long... "under maintenance" or whatever. Other than that, things have been running relatively smoothly with MyCointainer.

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