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avatar Crypto Anonymous 188 rated: June 17, 2019 23:40:35

One of the few true privacy coins that is leading the pack with its privacy features and very important for privacy coins: privacy is the default, not an option. This is important because this improves fungibility. Long track record and has a fair amount of brand recognition and adoption. The project also continues to innovate to improve privacy and make the network more secure. Eventhough Monero is much more private than bitcoin for example, it is also very experimental and all transactions are still recorded forever (though shielded). If privacy of transactions is more vital than for an average bitcoin user, Monero is probably the best and most reliable alternative, but if your life depends on the secrecy or you are going to use it for criminal activity, it is probably not a good idea. Keep in mind that as soon as bitcoin gets much more privacy improvements, the usecase for Monero might diminish. Overall impo fully legit project.

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Market information:

Price (USD):$ 80.80
Market Cap (USD):$ 1,327,486,489.64
24h Volume:$ 91,873,238.47

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