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Crypto Anonymous posted on November 05, 2019 21:57:14

Former Antshares, back in the day (2017) was largely ignored but got a lot of attention during the 2017 bull market when it changed to NEO and started to do ICO's on their platform as well. NEO price reached like $160 from an early 2016 Antshares low of $0.08. Now hoovering between $8-12. Now that the ICO gold fever largely has cooled down across the board, and the bear market has severely punished all the overextended hype, also NEO seems to have lost quite a lot of steam.

There seems to be still visible development if we look at Github, so at least it's not an entirely dead project, but unfortunately I can't verify if it is just a smoke show or not.

NEO definitely had both a lovers and haters audience and the haters are all convinced that the whole NEO hype thing is a con game. The thing that was really obvious was that the lovers audience consisted of a bunch of religiously devoted fan brigades, which often indirectly indicated that there is more air than substance and that most of those fans were unsophisticated newbies that are unable to judge a projects on its true merits.

I used to believe that NEO was developing a lot around their eco system and some interesting projects were launched on their platform, plus the price growth at the time attracted a lot of attention, so the fomo was almost inescapable. However I turned quite skeptical over time as I do believe this project was very overhyped and I don't think the expectations are going to be met. Do I think this project is downright scammy? No, I don't have much tangible reason to believe that either.

Interestingly enough, as a side note: the Chinese govt forced NEO to offer a refund to the Antshares ICO investors, but I believe no one wanted to use the offer (obviously because the market price had exceeded the ICO price astronomically).


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