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Jiménez posted on December 04, 2019 20:32:09

Nano is the most lightweight and fastest coin in the crypto world. Their community is extremely united and they are always thinking about how to innovate more. They pass all of my qualifications for what I look for in a cryptocurrency!

avatar bullish 48
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bullish posted on November 18, 2019 11:59:17

Nano is an interesting DAG project (so it isn't blockchain technically) that really rocketed in 2017/2018 and was the darling of crypto Redditors. It is built primarily for payments so it is fast, cheap, and scalable. Their team is not the best in terms of accomplishments or skills but they are still pretty "blue-collar", professional, and no-nonsense.

They have a really bustling community which has built services/products that accept/integrate with Nano out of the goodness of their hearts.

They had one bad event in their history, mainly the Bitgrail hack and fiasco in which a lot of people lost money and the Bitgrail founder got in huge legal trouble in Italy as well. Now was this Nano's fault? No, it wasn't the fault of their tech or anything like that. But the team still botched it a little bit and didn't handle the PR firestorm and spillover that ensued in the best way possible. But that's spilled milk already so no need to dwell on that.

Now I really like what they are doing and their focus on payments but I think that is ultimately really limiting their full potential. They don't have a smart contracts platform on top of it like IOTA does and when Bitcoin's Lightning Network improves and works on a wider scale, it makes me wonder, what will be Nano's purpose anymore?


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