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On February 13, 2019 12:38:19 CptofIndustry said:

The only reason that I rate this project as slightly shady is because Neblio has very poor token economics. That said the team is a very talented one. They actually bought into the project with their own funds. This is a demonstration of dedication to the project.

Unfortunately the token economics of Neblio lead to a natural result of price decline. The reason for this is simple. They have a 10% staking mechanism for staking the tokens. If most users withdrew their tokens from exchanges this would not be an issue. But what is happening instead is that exchanges are staking exchange NEBL and selling it to the market creating a demonstrable inflationary effect. This creates constant sell pressure on the exchanges. If nothing is changed about this I do not believe this project will ever rise substantially in price.

That being said, I hope the team are successful at getting Neblio to be used and to add value to the world. They seem to be honest and great people.

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Bobby Crypto
Chirp: 35
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On February 09, 2019 19:02:32 Bobby Crypto said:

I'd really like to see people get onto the NEBLIO train before it takes off.
The team is rock solid, the project is great, they're insanely active on the project and commits, team bought it’s own coins. Burned anything unsold as promised. Been going more than a year with main net in place before ico. USA team. POS and you can stake on a pi so no expensive hardware. 10% reward. Team available directly on discord.

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