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Dr. Doom posted on September 30, 2019 20:15:53

I have mixed feelings about this project. It is kinda seen as a legit project within the altcoin space and is supported by a fairly sizable community. There seems to be reasonable activity on Github. I also like that they appear to be very libertarian focused (many libertarians are part of the community). They claim to be Quantum computing resistant, which I will have to take for face value.

My main concern is with the founder of this project, who gives me a very con-artist like vibe and he claims to be some kind of hyper intelligent, multi talented super genius (composing symphonies, building space ships and now a "better than bitcoin" coin inventor). He is like the super eccentric vitalik of Nexus coin. The fact that this project has such a prominent "leader" as Colin Cantrell, also is a very weak point, even if the project is intended to be fully legit.

Here I included a link of an interview that also featured Colin; I could not help when listening to this guy talking to not take him seriously and have my skepticism radar on full alert. There is a small chance that the other participants in that interview (incl Tone Vays and Monera founder Fluffypony) and I completely underestimating his abilities due to his personality traits, however I consider that a less likely scenario.

BTW: NEXUS (NXS) not to be confused by something else called Nexus Global, which definitely is a 100% ponzi pyramid scam a la Bitconnect. No doubt NXS is much more legit than Nexus Global.


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