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avatar Fiat Daily 107 rated: March 11, 2019 09:08:16

NoLimitCoin is a PoS coin behind a fantasy games platform which has a working product, you can play fantasy games on their platform. And there are giveaways for using the platform. NLC2 is the native coin and is very thinly traded on Bittrex, which is the most reputable exchange that it is traded on at least. Cryptoyoutuber TheyCallmeDan was often promoting it, bc he was associated with the team and team members have been on camera, so that is a good sign. I am inclined to believe this project is legit and tries to accomplish to offer a fair play platform for fantasy games. So, the team is real, the product is real and alive. Development on Github seems a bit low though, so I am not sure how active the team is still working on moving the project forward. The disappointing results of the coin after the last ATH pump is another thing that worries me, low trading volume seems to indicate low usage of the platform. 

Generally I do think the project is legit, however, because development activity and promotion seem a bit lacking I am also a bit cautious, otherwise I would have voted not shady at all (and a year ago I would probably have voted that without a doubt).

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Price (USD):$ 0.002271
Market Cap (USD):$ 1,370,728.15
24h Volume:$ 7,109.60

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