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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: June 06, 2019 20:46:57

Fork of a fork of a fork coin. Actually apparently it is a community takeover of a failed project that was based on PIVX. It is supposed to become some sort of gaming coin, however the available information (lacking any whitepaper) is very limited so the validity of the project development cannot be assessed on its merits. Website doesn't have security certificate either, which also is major red flag, so be careful when visiting their website. One positive thing: at least this project doesn't have an official "CEO" or anything like that in the team, because any project that does have one, can be guaranteed to be highly centralized, which this project probably still is, but just saying that I like the look of not having a CEO.

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avatar KennethCarson 2 rated: June 04, 2019 17:22:01

The OASIS Coin Team has been hard at work and have made great strides with the growth and support of OASIS. As an early member of the community, I have seen the hard work firsthand and seeing them strive for success is something I will continue to support.

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