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avatar Crypto Bear 50 rated: April 13, 2019 04:05:59

I couldn't agree more with the previous review: red flags all over the place! And they seem to be running a multilevel marketing program, although this is not clearly to see from the website. Smokes and mirrors marketing to promote some useless ERC20 token ponzi and pyramid.

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avatar Jason T. 109 rated: April 13, 2019 02:13:39

There's not much outrage/warning about this project since it came out during the bear market but it's pretty much Bitconnect 2.0 and unfortunately many newbies are getting roped in. They have a lot of fancy buzz words and their website looks professional but if you really understand crypto you'll realize quickly that they are a ponzi. They claim to be backed by an AI-optimized mining farm but if you look at their mining farm specs and do the math, the amount of Bitcoin they theoretically earn is an order of magnitude less than what they claim. Also their lead figurehead John Barksdale is super shady, just do some research into this guy, he's a snake oil salesman and I don't believe most of the stuff he promotes. Ormeus is definitely one big money-printing ponzi scheme. Stay FAR away everyone!

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Market information:

Price (USD):$ 0.026063
Market Cap (USD):$ 443,841.98
24h Volume:$ 202,014.61

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