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avatar voichuck 4 rated: June 13, 2019 05:46:54

exactly they Looks like a legit oil and gas company in Russia. It's a great advantage сuz right now in crypto a lot of scams and shady projects.
you can be sure they won't game you. if they manage to promote the token, I think that the price will increase several times. So right now I will hold some PRC tokens for the future.

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avatar Crypto Bear 50 rated: June 06, 2019 21:13:13

I wouldn't trust this at all. They only issued some ERC20 token, nothing more. Hard to verify if the company is actually legitimate. I wouldn't risk my money here. The token is supposed to be some sort of security token, however it doesn't seem to have ownership rights nor dividends, only the "right" to purchase stocks if they go to the Russian stock exchange. Website also promises good returns on the token, which is a red flag in and out itself. Oh and not secure website too. I am extremely skeptical!

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avatar tingker 43 rated: June 06, 2019 20:24:47

Looks like a legit oil and gas company in Russia. They can use blockchain in their business for their stated reasons -- that's totally fine. But their token is pretty useless - just to get investment pretty much. They can use blockchain in their business without a publicly traded token. This is a money grab unfortunately.

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avatar RenkelF 2 rated: June 03, 2019 13:17:58

I don't have any reason to doubt this project. Site provides all information about token, the developers and officials. So the token is integrated into real production.
In short:PTPA partner coin is one of a few coins in the current market, provided with real, strong, popular production.
For the first time I was frightened by the information about the emission but then I saw that the capitalization of the company (higher that 5 billions rubles) which is much higher than the capitalization of the token.
I definitely recommend PRC token as it is a potentially great and credible project which could do very well over time.

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