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avatar Dr. Doom 195 rated: December 17, 2018 23:01:14

They tried to bank on the marihuana legalization hype, which also created a lot of frenzy in the penny stock market. I do believe this project is one of the lesser shady ones from all the other cannabis coins, still I am quite skeptical. If they indeed paid their investors back, then that seems at least if they are not willingly trying to scam people and as long as the project is still alive, they might actually try to deliver some sort of product. I would then not consider it a scam; if it is going to be a successful startup and be profitable for coin investors, is an entirely different matter


avatar stellarowl12 182 rated: December 17, 2018 03:56:19

Met the CEO Jessica Versteeg in person and she's a true crypto believer. They have Paragon office spaces and have achieved parts of their roadmap as well. Unfortunately, the SEC had to make an example of their ICO being unregistered securities so they had to pay back their investors but I'm still rooting for them to succeed and to build a weed ecosystem with crypto.


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