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Crypto Bear posted on August 28, 2019 18:15:42

Yet another Binance IEO and yet another "highly scalable" Proof of Stake smart contract platform. How many thousands of those are we going to get? They claim to be a "leaderless" PoS and become more decentralized, and that they are endorsed by the ICC and more prominent organizations. There are several token sale rounds, mainly seed, private and "strategic"; only less than 9% sold to the public in the IEO.

Now I have to admit that I didn't not fully research the project beyond just an overview of the Binance research report. That is because I started reading the whitepaper, but as usual I first read the Introduction and then the Conclusion before reading anything else, but what was written right after the Conclusion in the Acknowledgments was so off putting, that I decided to not read any further and just leave it at that. The sentence that made me really wonder if they are just joking around:

"The authors would like to acknowledge Satoshi Nakamoto for his work on Bitcoin, heavily impacting the
authors lives from as early as the early 2000s."

That just seems totally deceptive to me, even just before that they wrote about bitcoin being in existence about a decade. So I really wonder how Satoshi could possibly have been "impacting" the authors lives from the early 2000s. As suspicious as I am, I will assume the worse, if this blatant "mistake" can exist in the whitepaper while they are raising millions!

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