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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: June 05, 2019 21:22:27

CEO's Twitter account doesn't spark much confidence, he joined Feb 2018, which seems a rather short online presence and his 10 followers also isn't very convincing either. Speaking about Twitter, the project's Twitter account contains a Tweet containing #HODL and #Moon, which suggests hyping the token for price appreciation, which is also a red flag. I am also very suspicious about the blockchain usecase for CRM and looks like a very poor excuse to launch a token. Further more for some inexplicable reason they also plan to launch an exchange with the token as usecase, which doesn't make any sense at all in terms of their supposed "CRM" project. Just another ERC20 token combined with a website and whitepaper full of buzzwords to scam people out of their money, so it seems. They claim not to be doing an ICO, but they say they are going to sell their tokens on the website to fund the project, which is basically the same thing as doing a continuous ICO, so there is large misrepresentation there to say the least. Roadmap consists primarily of exchange listings, marketing and the earlier mentioned exchange; only somewhere down the line they would launch a mainnet. Not at all convinced about the validity of their supposed project and it all feels and tastes like your average ERC20 token scam and I wouldn't fall for it!

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avatar AzQam 2 rated: May 28, 2019 08:55:17

This is a great project for investment, they are well organized and implemented. They run no ICO which was a good idea for the future of this project. This project came to an existence in November 2018, and since then they have achieved tremendously in the Cryptocurrencies community and their aims and objectives are really impressive. As a member of this project, I really believe projecton shall conquer in the market.
Join by make an investment with projecton and I am very sure you will never regret in doing so.

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avatar Tron 5 rated: May 28, 2019 08:23:14

This project started in Novermber 2018, And they started without holding any ICO, Even their airdrop and bounty token have not been distributed yet, Their admin responds quickly to any question, But let watch out for the product which is the main thing. I hope the team can deliver their product very fast.

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avatar Crypto 19 rated: May 28, 2019 07:38:49

I like the uniqueness of this project (Crm using blockchain) Their idea is really impressed. They are listed on FATBTC, Atilly, Etherflyer. Their smart contract was audited by calisto one of the best auditing smart contract auditing company. Their community is really big. I saw in their website that they will release crm app very soon. And again they said that they did not run an ICO which is quiet okay for some project. I can rate their website 90% it looks good. All i can see is that the project needs funds to control their project as they did not run an ICO.

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