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lampedius posted on June 06, 2019 07:10:28

Maybe im not the right reviewer of the coin Regium, i am invested
in it my self and might be a litle bias. It do have some pros
and cons. Let's start with the positive - Active team and some
contributions on github. I can see development of the project that
make me feel like the team knows what they are doing.
Their max total supply is 7,2 milion coins, and that serves
me well, as i like to invest in somthing i can afford 1% of
total coin supply.That make me feal like i own a part of the company.
Many other coins have a billion max supply and i just can´t see
those have any future.
The Team is anonymous, this is not optimal, you like to know who you are
dealing with. But ofcorse satoshi nakamoto was also anonymous. And if you
look at the website they explane this. And you can just chose not to invest
if you don´t trust them. So far i have no reason to doubt the Regium team.
Regium coin have a whitepaper, and it sems legit. Many other coins dosn´t
have one, so that´s one more plus. Regium have links on etherscan.
Regium have working socialmedia channels and you can always reach the admin
if you got some questions.
A minus is that there is not much roadmap except some more exchange listings
and more crypto card payment applications, but still that is mor than many
other altcoins have. I still think the coin will be profitable in the future.
The website makes them seem... not so professional, but if you don´t need
a flashy hightech homepage, im sure you get all the info you need from it.
If you like me are not a bitcoin maximalist and like altcoins, then i
think this is a good project.

avatar Ngene 7
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Ngene posted on June 05, 2019 23:09:45

i have been invested in this project for 5 months
and only had good experience with the community and
team behind this. These guys don´t fill exchanges with
tokens as i have seen in other projects. Go in on a
exchange an you will find millions of tokens for sale at
one satoshi. This is not a problem with REGI.
verry low circulating supply, and before team presents a
large amount coins on to the market they annonce it on telegram channel
to give holders the option to sell or to HODLE. That i think shows
big respect for our invested money. Also i see that they updating website
often. I don´t care if there is spelling misstakes on website like other reviewers
complain about, the main thing for me is that team not try to scam us
investors, and nothing i can see is showing these signs. I like small cap coins, big money
can be made in the market swings. if could see the future im sure i see REGI
coins doing 20x. i am not a rich man and im carful where i put my money.
But im sure i will do nice profit with REGI.

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Fiat Daily posted on June 04, 2019 21:45:05

I think one would only have to see one of the banners on the homepage to conclude that this looks as a total fraud of a token (spelling mistakes are taken over as is):

"Time to accumulate! Get ready to pick up some cheap Regium coins from dumpers after the latest Airdrop. Now you have a superb chanse to double your Regium holding at a great price on ....." I would say: a SUPERB CHANSE to run away from this as quickly as possible!

avatar Dr. Doom 260
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Dr. Doom posted on June 04, 2019 21:36:46

This is really one of the worst sh*tcoins I have seen. Notably an ERC23 token instead of ERC20, but they don't offer anything more than a speculative token with no further utility besides using for payments, which every crypto token/coin on the planet can be used for. Their explanation why a limited token supply is better than higher supply is either deceptive or hopelessly ignorant. Pretty much their only focus is exchange listings and price appreciation. Their logic for not doing an ICO, because exchanges ask listing fees and they will go to them directly does not make any sense at all. And they basically say they will use the proceeds from the tokens that they are selling (in the open market I presume) to support the token price and volume, which also seems ridiculous. I will stay far away from this "lion king" of shady tokens.

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Crypto Hunter posted on May 31, 2019 20:07:59

Review of Regium (REGI) contract address: 0x9996a0b4d0d7ed1b7e41ad08bdc4acb198e232a9

The token team say that they aiming to be the bridge in to crypto trading for beginners,
and it seems as they have done a page on the website dedicated to crypto beginners filled
with useful links and info free to use.

This project claims that it´s aims to be integrated in several crypto card platforms.
The coin have some business partners visible on their website, seems legit, links and
claims checks out and i fond them as partners with such companys. However the site
is not fancy, lets call it strait forward at best.

Team is decentralized, and not visible on photos on the site. This is of course negative,
however the team explains in clear text on the "about" page on website, that they are not
professional crypto developers, but a small team of enthusiast with love for crypto.
(Honesty is always valuebal in my book. and makes up for some of the negativ points).

The Regium coin is low supply 7,2Millions and have a low circulating supply, (at the
moment of the rewiev only 400,000 coins, verified on etherscan). If the intent Was
to scam they would throw millions of coins on exchanges and move on, but it
seems like this is a genuine crypto loving crew.

In the well written 25 pages but not professionally produced whitepaper, you
can read about token distribution. Team have so far followed their token
distribution accordingly to whitepaper. At the time of writing only 400k circulating.
Team say that they won't distribute more tokens to the market then traders
can absorbe. which i could easily verify with a simple search on etherscan.

The token have a fairly active community on telegram witch seams legit.
twitter channel gives a ok impression. The token have recently had a
airdrop withch gave a turbulent market of irregular trades witch can be studied
on the crypto price aggregators such as coingecko and coinpaprika. The turbulent
price can of benefit to those who like to invest in a low cap low supply coin.

For a coin/token that started without ico and with a team that funded all
promotions and exchange listings from there own pockets, this project
seems to have manage ok. They are listed in a few exchanges with a small but healthy
daily volume for a project of this size. The bitcointalk thread looks very basic.
But if the team is´nt PR professionals what can you expect.

Reading the bitcointalk and whitepaper you get the impression of a small team concisting of
crypto enthusiasts that love crypto and whant´s to build a successful project,
and i think they seems genuine and trustworthy. If i was to pace my money in
a small cap project i could as well invest in this. what a heck, maybe i throw in
a $100 just to see how this turns out.

avatar Crypto 19
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Crypto posted on May 31, 2019 11:28:02

Why would exchange allow this kind of project to operate ? The project is as fake as anything you can ever imagine. No even single idea, Their website is unprofessional, No team, Roadmap is almost zero idea. Their intention is to scam, Don't invest in this, I repeat.


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