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avatar Crypto Anonymous 186 rated: June 16, 2019 22:43:55

This is the AI token project that has the AI "Sophie" behind it, or better put the company that has developed Sophie. They are building an AI network and eco system around the token with the purpose of democratizing AI so that the technology doesn't only become available to the elites. Their ICO was 10x oversubscribed (whitelist) and sold out in no time. they raised about $40 mln, remarkably, because they clearly stated that they would NOT be involved with any exchange listings, which is highly unusual for token projects. Reason is ofcourse to circumvent SEC retaliation. THe token was initially only tradable on IDEX, but later got listed on Binance (by community effort, team was not involved, allegedly). Team is very active and present at many occasions, communicating progress. I cannot possibly know or predict if this project is going to achieve its mission, but by my observation they are sincerely trying. In my opinion in terms of seriousness and ethics, this project stands with head and shoulders above the crowd.

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Market information:

Price (USD):$ 0.036990
Market Cap (USD):$ 19,962,391.54
24h Volume:$ 885,275.67

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