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avatar dennis 34 rated: April 12, 2019 06:10:13

Steemit is social blogging platform with content incentivized by its cryptocurrency. Users are encouraged to write because their readers reward them and so forth. The community is thriving but many outsiders including myself see Steemit as just an experiment. Although not the most popular blogging platform, it has succeeded in what it set out to do: create a decentralized self-sustaining community around content creation. I can see larger blogging platforms such as Medium/Tumblr/Quora looking to Steemit as a case study when considering whether or not they should inject any sort of economy into their communities. 

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avatar Martin k 18 rated: March 22, 2019 22:45:03

This has been rolling for quite some time, I like steem and it is a first mover but I'm not sure if their systems are designed to really distribute the value that's being created in the network. It feels like a very small minority of people have the most power and wealth

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avatar Buzzbeeg 20 rated: February 08, 2019 14:00:44

Let me be clear Steem is not perfect but is fine for what it is; a social media blockchain platform. Do you want to post stuff and earn some crypto? Then Steem is great! Would I go out and buy 1000 dollars worth of Steem? Not unless I needed to grow my social media foot print. It's all about what you want to accomplish.

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avatar Crypto Chick 50 rated: January 29, 2019 11:00:56

I read a thread on Bitcointalk that says Steemit is a ponzi scheme with the founders having the vast majority of the coins ( Also didn't they have to lay off 70% of their staff or some massive number? That makes me nervous about this project. I'd steer clear.

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avatar Crypto Anonymous 188 rated: December 16, 2018 22:17:54

Fuel to power the steemit network. I know many are very skeptical towards Dan Larimer’s projects, especially the latest EOS, but I think with Steemit he built a solid decentralized blogging platform with a cryptocurrency rewards element. It is unfortunate that nowadays it will be hard to earn a substantial amount on the platform from content creation. Another criticism is that Dan always leaves his projects to start another; but the fact the founder is not in charge anymore and stays afloat anyway, the decentralized nature in terms of leadership is achieved as well. Not sure if it is the best investment as of right now, but I do believe the Steem project has brought a valuable contribution to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. I believe this project is far from shady imho.

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