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shillingthemsoftly posted on October 03, 2019 16:44:59

$XLM or Lumens are the currency tokens of Stellar. Stellar Lumens.
First of all like many projects in the cryptoverse there are rivalries (ETHvs.EOS; BTCvs.LTC; and finally XRPvs.XLM) XRP is a scam so XLM automatically beats it however here is why.

The idea behind Ripple is the ability for banks to make international transfers within seconds at almost no cost.

Stellar Lumens is for the average person, particularly those in the developing areas of the world, although banks can still use it.

The focus of Stellar is on increasing the abilities of those in poor or less-developed countries to interact in the global economy with nearly instant and highly affordable transactions. Stellar is more robust, easy adoption, and is decentralized.

While they are essentialy the same the blockchain and target really make a difference.

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