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Crypto Bear posted on June 25, 2019 20:42:18

I think the review by Crypto Hunter is pretty clear in the verdict. The website and whitepaper exist of nonsensical buzzword soup and really does not make any sense. Somehow they try to make it appear as if they are somehow affiliated with TOR, which obviously is not the case. Ths project doesn't add anything related to privacy whatsoever, it is just a standard ERC20 token, so its "privacy features" are just as hardly pseudonymous as any other ERC20 token. Pure garbage token by scammers with a high degree of certainty. Avoid like the plague!

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Crypto Hunter posted on June 03, 2019 09:58:52


its time for a review on TORCain (TORC) lets start on etherscan.
contract address: 0x4f5f2EEA4ED3485E5e23a39704d5fD9d0A423886
no links on etherscan. thats un-professional. gives the project
a minus strait of.
when i examine the smart contract i find a standard erc20 token
containing 204 lines of code. Nothing strange here.

the website have a modern design.

regarding the team there is pictures and names.
how ever this is all fake. pics is stolen from doctors, actors
from around the internet

CEO Denzel Chris= Mikhail Varshavski lol Dr.Mike
Emily Zack = Jennifer Layne Park
all fake of course

twitter account shut down by twitter at the time of review.
telegram channel: is activ and in a ok state, with 3000+ members
torchain claiming to have anonymity encryption. after reviewing the
erc20 token contract its clear that this is no special coding for
anonymity it is just a standard erc20 token.

TORChain token is beeing listed by
i don´t undestand why that exchange list this project.
it can´t be good for their reputation.

the white paper is written in a way to deceive investors.
only 6 pages including pictures. just a lot of words
you cant get anything rational out of it.

Reading the bitcointalk and whitepaper you get the impression
of a small team concisting of crypto scamers. If i was to pace
my money in a small cap project i whould NEVER invest in this one.
Maybe they can create a few Pumps and erly investors
might get some money, but i don't want to make someone
else the victim. Please avoid if you share my mindset!

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