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avatar Crypto Hunter 32 rated: June 03, 2019 09:58:52


its time for a review on TORCain (TORC) lets start on etherscan.
contract address: 0x4f5f2EEA4ED3485E5e23a39704d5fD9d0A423886
no links on etherscan. thats un-professional. gives the project
a minus strait of.
when i examine the smart contract i find a standard erc20 token
containing 204 lines of code. Nothing strange here.

the website have a modern design.

regarding the team there is pictures and names.
how ever this is all fake. pics is stolen from doctors, actors
from around the internet

CEO Denzel Chris= Mikhail Varshavski lol Dr.Mike
Emily Zack = Jennifer Layne Park
all fake of course

twitter account shut down by twitter at the time of review.
telegram channel: is activ and in a ok state, with 3000+ members
torchain claiming to have anonymity encryption. after reviewing the
erc20 token contract its clear that this is no special coding for
anonymity it is just a standard erc20 token.

TORChain token is beeing listed by
i don´t undestand why that exchange list this project.
it can´t be good for their reputation.

the white paper is written in a way to deceive investors.
only 6 pages including pictures. just a lot of words
you cant get anything rational out of it.

Reading the bitcointalk and whitepaper you get the impression
of a small team concisting of crypto scamers. If i was to pace
my money in a small cap project i whould NEVER invest in this one.
Maybe they can create a few Pumps and erly investors
might get some money, but i don't want to make someone
else the victim. Please avoid if you share my mindset!


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