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avatar CryptoEclipse 38 rated: April 24, 2019 03:25:34

Tangle is a refreshing entertainment project in crypto space with an agile, capable and humble team ready to make a difference and bring some great use-case to demonstrate the capabilities of Neblio blockchain platform. I have spent a week looking into the project logistics and interacting with the lead developer and the community to understand the use-case and potential of this project and how it could compete with other projects in prediction markets sphere. My conclusions: investing in Tangle's ICO that is running in April/May this year could be a sound decision. And here are the reasons why.

In short: Tangle is a fully decentralized binary betting application. A social prediction markets platform alike Augur, Gnosis, Stox, Betsafe and a few others. 

With a few key differences:

- The prediction markets (bets) could be created by anyone holding required minimum of native Tangle tokens. Currently set at 20,089 TGL (~ $1607 with ICO token price of 10 cents + 25% bonus). The market creators are mandated to bet on their own markets and they earn 10% of the betting pool in case they predict the right outcomes of their markets.

- The prediction markets could only be put with a binary outcome (i.e. YES or NO). Simplicity. Ease of use. Minimum or no disputed or annulled markets. These are the key factors to mass adoption as Augur and Gnosis have more complicated set-ups while Stox only approves industry players.

- Each market will feature an invitation functionality via email or social media apps. One of the most effective marketing strategies.

- Private and public prediction market options will be available. 

- White-label feature planned for release in Sep this year will allow any third-party website to create a customized prediction market modeled off Tangle. The cost of this feature use is set to 80,356 TGL initially. The fee is subject to change with the change of TGL token value. The 35% of betting proceeds from the white-label markets will be going back to Tangle's active market creators and market disputants community.

- There will be a mobile app ready in Dec (in comparison: Augur has not published any plans of having a mobile app).

The great part of the project is that it's all-inclusive and people don't need to sell TGL tokens in order to profit on the platform. If they have 20k TGL they could be the market creators (or market disputants) and make additional 10% of the betting pool (5% for market disputants) if they end-up taking the winning side.

Tangle's timeline promises to make it one of the fastest delivering ICO projects: exchange listing within 2 weeks after the ICO, Alpha release in May, Beta Release in Jul, go-live and white-label feature in Sep, mobile app for Android and iOS in Dec. The TGL tokens have one of the best use cases one could imagine in crypto. They will be used as casino chips for all forms of betting, for market creator and market disputant's minimum holding amount requirements and for the fee collection. All collected fees and white-label markets' revenue will be automatically distributed to active users of Tangle platform (TGL token holders). Tangle leaves no fees and no revenue share to its dev team - all they have is the 10% of total token supply locked as team tokens. The ICO funds won't be used for team's salaries - only for non-payroll operational costs of product development, exchange listing, legal, marketing. The team's only interest is to make this project as successful as possible and in the shortest period of time.

The total number of TGL tokens is very low for a project that has the potential of world wide mass adoption. 12.5 mln total max supply. There is no ongoing emission of tokens planned, there is an incentive to hold the tokens to be market creators, market disputants and market participants, the white-label feature has a predefined cost and is paid in TGL tokens, and there are always lost and forgotten wallets in crypto. The total circulating supply of TGL tokens could go only down over time. And with the decreasing token supply and the increasing token demand the token price could go in just one deterministic direction... So given the mass adoption the TGL token has the potential of the best utility in crypto.

The team's focus on the delivery (they are making daily progress with dev work even while ICO is running), the fact that they already have a working demo utilizing Neblio testnet platform, the fact that to achieve fast listing they wasted no time and had the initial exchange agreements and review in place even before they kicked the ICO in April are all the confidence boosters that the final product will be ready within a few short months this year just as the team plans. That means that the first use of their betting platform could start in Sep this year already. That's only 5 months away! 

Some useful links for someone who wants to look more into the project's details:

- Tangle Summary (the final page explains the exact usage of funds):

- Tangle Demo:

- Tangle Demo Guide:

- Tangle Whitepaper:

- Tangle White Label Prediction Market:

- Interview with Tangle’s lead developer Debra Gail:

- Tangle's Official Telegram group:

- Tangle's ICO Website:

- Four Crypto Prediction Market Platform Comparison:

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avatar TopInvestor81 3 rated: April 24, 2019 05:39:04

A lot seems to have been covered by the other review which went in depth, about Tangle. I can only echo those sentiments and agree totally. In a crypto space full of shady, illegitimate ICOs, tangle is a refreshing change. 

I have had great communication with the tangle team during this ICO and they have answered questions and been very helpful. They have been clear about how the funds will be used so there is no ambiguity in this regard. 

Tangle offers a solid usecase in a growing industry, blockchain based prediction markets which are gaining popularity thanks to Augur and some others that makes it possible to predict outcomes of real world events on a decentralised blockchain based platform. The blockchain being used for Tangle is Neblio, also a very upfront, honest and hard working group that are helping to simplify the process of enterprise and scientific research projects making a move into this technology and utilising it 

I definitely recommend Tangle as it is a potentially great and credible project which could do very well over time. A rare gem of an ICO in a space dominated by sharks and not very honest people.

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avatar Crypto Anonymous 184 rated: April 28, 2019 07:57:03

Why the odd name that doesn't have anything to do with its usecase in any shape or form, but also has a very clear other meaning in crypto space (for example IOTA's Tangle). Yes, listed developers are active on github, but not particularly yet on the Tangle project (yet). The fact that they only allocated 10% of the supply and claim that they won't be paying out salaries to the team from the ICO funds at least make it appear that it wouldn't be a money grab. Well, let's see how that will turn out. I couldn't find anything particularly suspicious about this project, so I am going to rate this cautiously with a degree of confidence until proven otherwise (innocent until proven guilty). My gut feeling is just a bit uncomfortable when looking at it as a whole, after seeing so many crypto projects in so many years, I can't help being a little skeptical. Hopefully the team will prove to be as legit as they want us to believe.

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avatar MrGetit 2 rated: May 05, 2019 14:32:01

This team, project, and community is something special. In a world filled with shady projects and teams looking for a money grab, Tangle breaks the mold. A solid investment which is sure to pay off long term beyond most new projects out there. Be good or be good at it. This project is both...

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