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avatar TitanCrypto56 2 rated: May 04, 2019 21:52:25

This project has stakes in banks, has their own exchange, professional merchant platform, gambling website, and domain sale site, they are building an empire. Every release has been done when they said it would be.

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avatar Cosy 2 rated: May 04, 2019 01:49:46

Followed the project since the start, know it very well. The project is now a hype and dump type of scenario, instigated by marketeer Charles Moscoe, fronted by Derek Capo. Fooled many people with there Twitter feed, attacked many projects in the space yet delivered very little themselves. It has now become a running joke in crypto as they hype it up with further worthless airdrops and tokens, no work submitted on the TokenPay blockchain, everything copied from previous projects with professional marketing added with bright colours and the promise of extra coins to continue staking Tpay. The lies produced by this team is staggering, dumping on their own community disgusting and despite this TokenPay has a following of holders desperate to avoid huge losses that follow every move they command, organised groups to combat Fud etc, even this thread is just full of holders desperate to convince you it’s legit as they have been instructed to comment here. Many are youngsters who have fallen for the typical Ponzi type scenario for the first time, some are big holders desperate to trade out. Far better sticking with another coin than this pump and dump type, wouldn’t surprise me in the least if authorities shut this down or the founders leave silently one day soon. Be careful.

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avatar Alex 2 rated: May 03, 2019 08:33:54

It ‘s a scam project, because of:
-pump and dumps
-CEO who hides and manipulates
-20 promisses, 0 releases, 21 delays
-Overdose of fake accounts controller by a few people who have wrong intentions
-admins who scam the community
-money laundrey
-the team owns 70% of the coins, with a POS it’s the ultimate thing to do roll backs, wich they did many times (chain is corrupt as hell)
- manipulation with stakes
-insider trading
-always stopped listings at decent Exchanges because that would stop their pump and dump
And much much more!! Do yourself a favor and stay away from this
Check twitter for #tokenpayscam and #tokenpayexposed . and find the tokenpay exposed group in telegram!!! @tokenpayx

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avatar The specialist 2 rated: May 03, 2019 03:20:43

Besides the SPAM ATTACK organised in tpay groups to MANIPULATE this thing, there is A LOT more shady shit in this scam project, pump and dumps, insider trading, A secret CEO (Charles Moscoe, so called internet marketeer) who owns tens of fake accounts on many different platforms to manipulate ALL!!! This man has 20+ accounts on twitter as he told, he has more then 50 telegram accounts to manipulate all!!! Red flags!!!

Besides that, there is a big group exposing their shady business, Tokenpay Exposed.. you can find them on telegram @tokenpayx already has a little of the info already displayed!

The scam is failing appart, in last 4 months almost ALL admins left, only a few who are very close to the scammer CEO are still in, like BAO and Vivek.

It's a massive PONZI, Stay away and don't take all the positive comments in here NOT serious as they are all faked by the "hidden CEO Charles Moscoe"!!!

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avatar Yenny 2 rated: May 02, 2019 17:07:06

TokenPay is a great project. It exists lawfully with regulations and via license. There is one group intending to damage TokenPay reputation since they are extorting TokenPay, that's where your misinformation about TokenPay comes from. I recommend looking up WEG BANK, Tokensuisse and other projects in TokenPay Ecosystem. These are licensed and regulated realm. It's not your daily crypto project. To even have ownership of a German Bank required one too goes under tense scrutiny by regulation and in this case, German Govern body. Tokensuisse has the license to issue TPAY Certificate, where you can purchase it as you do with stock in any bank. Or license to operate their online gambling casino In crypto space, there is SO MANY BAD information. This is why I turn to project such as TokenPay that has the license to operate and follow regulation. In fact, this bank just issues the first FINTECH corporate level bank account to LISK, if you recalled most bank kill crypto accounts, same with credit cards company killing the crypto transaction. Therefore, it’s such a significant move in crypto space to have an entity that has an EU banking license to be able to open banks account for a crypto project.

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avatar John44 2 rated: May 02, 2019 16:30:36

Great project. They build a awesome ecosystem with a real usecase for the $TPAY coin. Products they build: cryptobet, Efin exchange, merchant platform and more.

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avatar flowp 2 rated: May 02, 2019 15:49:57

Great team and products are amazing. Super fast, secure and uptodate ! Tokenpay has desktop app for windows and linux and mobile app for iOS and Android. Low fees, designed for everyday use.

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avatar Mightaswellinvest 2 rated: May 02, 2019 15:47:00

I would bet my life on TokenPay. I’ve been a long term investor, and the results are there. Everything TokenPay has promised to do, they have done so many times over. I am an active community member who has seen everything. We always stand out on top, no other project can even compete with the high levels TokenPay is reaching. $TPAY FTW

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avatar CryptoBluff 2 rated: May 02, 2019 15:40:24

I have been around TokenPay for a very long time.

This project is really something special. The ecosystem being built is top notch, and the team is as dedicated as they come.

Do your research, what you see will amaze you. TokenPay does things nobody else can do, they have a phenomenal team, and they will one day be a top 10 project.

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avatar Fiat Daily 109 rated: April 22, 2019 03:10:53

I actually think it is very likely going to be one of the biggest scandals of crypto history: LTC Foundation and Charlie Lee being scammed by Token Pay. Don't forget Litecoin already has made a similar mistake in "not doing their due diligence" in the past (Litepay): In my opinion it would be even miraculous if TPAY turns out to be legit in the future. Let's wait and see, I will be happily "missing out" on those magic TPAY gains if that would ever even happen. The amount of red flags are so overwhelming that the only rational decision is to avoid this because the risk/reward is just not worth it.

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avatar Crypto Bear 50 rated: April 17, 2019 07:11:07

Certain facts presented by Tone Vays are definitely making this project look very bad and the TPAY exposure website adds a lot to that, but I am still having a hard time believing that Charlie Lee would be backing a project that really is as fraudulent as they make it seem to be. Without Charlie Lee involved in that partnership I would certainly vote very shady on this project, but now I will have to give them some benefit of the doubt, although please note that I give this benefit hesitantly. 

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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: April 16, 2019 02:27:13

Youtuber and crypto influencer Tone Vays did a lot of the research on this project. Even though he is a bitcoin maximalist and highly biased against any altcoin project, the facts he reveals alongside his not unusual salty opinions are still worth reading: Tokenpay was not exactly helping their own side of the argument by personally attacking mr. Vays by claiming he is an ICO shill (which he is the absolute opposite) and has been shilling Bitconnect. Their examples were an obviously intended sarcastic Tweet and a parody video (which apparently they didn't bother to check first). Their reactions were extremely unprofessional and seemed to suggest their complete lack of knowledge in the space. Which legitimately raised red flags in and out of itself.

2 days after Tone's Tweet, TokenPay's CEO did an AMA about the merits of the then recently announced partnerships with Litecoin Foundation and the bank they acquired.

One specifically interesting aspect is that the TokenPay project has signed an agreement with Litecoin Foundation and has the support of Litecoin founder Charlie Lee. I am personally of the opinion that Charlie is generally a credible person in the space and doesn't have ill intent, so unless Charlie himself is being misled by TokenPay, and assuming that Charlie did enough due diligence, it would certainly give TokenPay some points in favor of credibility. Here is a recent interview between TokenPay CEO and Charlie Lee:

Then very recently TokenPay decided to send a cease and desist order to Tone Vays for defamation and libel, to which Tone replied in a video response. Most of the response involves legal research on if and why he believes he has a strong case for himself, but in the video he also points out a few more aspects that definitely put TokenPay in a shady corner:

Also it is worth looking at a whole website dedicated to exposing Token Pay:

After reviewing all this info, I am mostly siding with Tone Vays on this matter but I am indeed also very confused by the fact that Charlie Lee clearly seems to be associating with this project, so that does cast some (circumstantial) doubt about the definitive claims of Tone. And we also need to take into account the fact that Tone applies a much broader definition of the concept "scam" than the majority in crypto do, so that certainly also accounts for matter of opinion too. My personal opinion is that this project does look very shady/problematic and I do hope that Charlie won't burn his fingers on this collaboration, because that would affect his credibility a lot probably. I wouldn't categorize is on the same level of shadiness/scamminess as Bitconnect and One Coin, but at the same time that might even make it all the more dangerous for investors, as it is much harder to recognize as such (if the project indeed is as shady/scammy as Tone's raised red flags seem to suggest).

(By the way: crypto projects sending cease and desist orders, is usually not a good sign in terms of shadiness. Another interesting detail: Tone mentioned in the Tweet thread the COO of TokenPay, who was also the CMO of Verge (ties between TokenPay and Verge are big, remember Verge is that privacy coin that got 51% attacked 3 times!). From my understanding, within 24 hours that team member was removed from the TokenPay website. That certainly does not look good either.)

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