DEX Vision

DEX Vision

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DEX Vision is a tradingview chart aggregator for AMM based decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Mooniswap and others.

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DEX Vision

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CHarliehex2025 posted on January 30, 2021 20:20:20

Great Updates!! Everything I wanted is in the app 👍👍👏 stake/unstake - buy HEX and ETH. View the progression of my stake HEX. I can also connect my ETH external wallets. Thank you!
I am grateful for HEX!


Vodietsche posted on February 06, 2021 12:02:32

Very cool tool for charting in Ethereum DEX environment. Made by a proud Hexican.

Which means community member.

Has a lot of charts of different tokens available but I only use it to chart HEX.

avatar T_Don 4

T_Don posted on February 10, 2021 09:45:51

I only use this when viewing price charts for my charting. Very easy to use and I always have the chart up. Lots of built in features and tokens. I mainly use it to chart HEX but it also has other pairs for information. I prefer this to trading view since TV uses hitbtc as a reference for charting which coins matter to me, which is HEX. If you’re planning on charting HEX there is no better tool

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