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factatom posted on January 08, 2020 01:41:38

Quite overrated for me. As a platform for technical analysis and ideas, TradingView to me, is quite expensive and not that beginner-friendly. Specifically, they charge certain fees when you are using scripts/indicators which require a subscription.

It is a complete tool for intermediate and expert traders but not that friendly for those traders who are beginners and want to practice


Chowder007 posted on January 07, 2020 23:13:46

TradingView is about as good as it gets for monitoring crypto charts. You can take a look at the chart for selected item, but then on the right, you have a panel where you can customize to show other items. For example, on my side panel, I have gold, silver, and oil as well as the Dow and NASDAQ. You also have a panel with up to the minute news releases and even a chat area, if that is your thing.

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