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avatar jackpang273 2 rated: June 08, 2019 19:28:02

it design to solve three pain points following which raise its value proposition.
1 Food safety by tracking technique including blockchain and AI.
2 improve low production efficiency especially in agriculture by DAO.
3 enrich finance and technique staff by introduce token named union, union is fundamental for insurance, supply chain finance and consumption finance for agriculture and farmers.

simply, key message of unionchain are: tracking the source+ AI+DAO+Defi. Upon these are not new in crypto space. Nevertheless, we believe the domains are most possible to implement block chain from concept to reality.

There are a few other projects on tracking, DAO or Defi, but few projects bundle them together to solve pain points especially in agriculture industry.

target of project is to solve pain points, to be pragmatic, and to compromise each other. It does blockchain from air to the ground. Hence, team will develop software+ hardware, i.e. tracking system, insurance system, p2p finance system and will sale them. Return, the business in real world will feedback and improve crypto-space value.

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