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avatar bravocoin 20 rated: March 23, 2019 06:09:05

Jeff is a respected individual in the crypto Facebook community and communicated his plans regarding this project to the community including asking for feedback and suggestions during the implementation phase.  Good job Jeff!

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avatar Luke B 19 rated: March 23, 2019 05:15:00

Uptrennd is a community driven social media platform based around Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. As Uptrennd is in beta stage the platform will change and things will be tweeked to stop people trying to game the system. Uptrennd is about quality original content and is soley community driven as 90% of upgrades come from the community. Uptrennd has only been live coming up to 3 months now so it is very early days to build anything correctly and worthwhile takes time :) 
We have a big community for only 3 months of being active and a great community too, no negative abusive behavior which cant be said for every other social platform..

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avatar Mon 3 rated: March 23, 2019 02:50:49

I am on Uptrennd 2,5 months now. Community very friendly, points received as stated on their page. A lot of useful material. Points for referral I also receive on time,and points from leaderboard too. It is a serious quality platform.

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avatar Martin k 18 rated: March 22, 2019 22:31:46

This project has been publicly talked about in the massive CCI facebook group (Cryptocurrency investing) for almost a year, everything was super transparent and basically brought to life by a community of over 140 000 people. Everything that was promised is coming to life and being improved constantly, there was no ICO and is completely self funded.

So.. shady? No lol. Super excited about this one.

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avatar Pdoyon17 4 rated: March 22, 2019 21:05:41

Uptrennd is a really great space for crypto investors and enthusiasts. It's basically Reddit but for the crypto community. They're pretty transparent about how they operate, hence the Not Shady At All rating.  

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avatar stellarowl12 186 rated: March 21, 2019 20:22:20

I know the founder Jeff and he has a very public persona in the crypto space. He's the founder of the largest crypto Facebook group - Cryptocurrency Investing and asked me to try out the platform as well. I tried it out and everything works well - I'm rooting for them to get traction and take off so they can take on Steemit. I see nothing shady about this project, pretty legit in my opinion as a social network. 

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avatar Integrity 3 rated: March 09, 2019 12:51:57

They promised $5 in Uptrennd points for referring new users, then without notice they changed their minds. I referred a bunch of people and got nothing. Can't trust a team that doesn't keep their promises or understand how affiliate programs work.

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avatar Jason T. 109 rated: February 05, 2019 12:19:26

I can't find any information about the Uptrennd team on their website, whitepaper, nor detailed post. ALWAYS look for a public team. Because of that I have to rate them as such. Also, it seems like a fun side project of a few people and has some traction but I wouldn't give them any serious thought as a crypto/blockchain project. Steemit, the project they are trying to supplant is more legitimate and has more of a track record.

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avatar Jeff Kirdeikis 16 rated: January 06, 2019 15:51:31

Uptrennd takes all the best parts of Steemit, Reddit and Twitter and fuses them into one user friendly and frictionless platform.

No censorship, get paid to post, and security of data. A big upgrade in the world of social media

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