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avatar Jason T. 107 rated: February 12, 2019 18:39:19

Suffered multiple 51% attacks in 2018, multiple delayed roll-outs of their highly anticipated Wraith protocol, very unprofessional PR and marketing (@XVGWhale), paid Pornhub for the partnership (and no one even uses it for that purpose). Need I say more? Stay far away from Verge. You can just set up TOR yourself and use Monero or Zcash - 2 much more respected and legit privacy/anonymity focused cryptocurrencies.


avatar Crypto Anonymous 181 rated: October 17, 2018 06:45:04

Endlessly postponed the Wraith Protocol, which has also been very controversial if it adds even anything substantial as they hyped it. They tried to raise funds from their coin holders for a huge announcement that would only go through if they reached a certain amount: that appeared to be the Pornhub partnership. Also they suffered a 51% attack 3 times. Seems a shady, unprofessional project and far from a secure store of value. Has also been through multiple epic pump&dump cycles


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