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avatar CryptoCrisp 8 rated: February 17, 2019 19:23:24

I am very happy to have found this gem of a ICO, probably the best Healthcare ICO in cryptocurrency today, the best part they are actually in business since 2014, but they are upgrading their platform to blockchain, see below. Yazom is headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica with rapid expansion plans for the region and onwards. Though primarily considered a healthcare services platform that provides services for Consumers and Healthcare Providers. As of January 2017, Yazom has captured majority share of the Electronic Health Records (EHR) market within its founding country’s major regions. (Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay). These are also primary tourist destinations which translates to easier access to healthcare services for visitors from other countries. They will expand all over the Caribbean's, South America, Asia/Oceania regions, then to North America, Europe and African countries they want to be the Airbnb of Healthcare and I have no doubt they will be, they have a very strong Leader with great vision, you really dream of Mooning, no dream here, this will moon and I am sure of it, and for the Conclusion. Yazom envisions a world where Healthcare Services are easily accessible to everyone regardless of the time and location. E-commerce, accommodation, ride hailing and communication among other industries have all been disrupted by a shift in the focus to consumer first whilst leveraging technology. Healthcare has yet to undergo this transformation. Technology should be a part of everyone’s daily routine with meaningful use and positive impact.

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avatar Brendon Collins 10 rated: February 11, 2019 22:57:38

I am not going to give an in depth review, I just want to confirm that Yazom is, in fact, not a scam at all. Yazom (formerly Potion Owl) is transparent, professional, and unique.

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avatar jilao 12 rated: February 11, 2019 14:42:31

I like that this is an ambitious project from an already existing company. There have been some delays brought about by rebranding and switching blockchains, but these changes are positive in the long run. I was an early investor in Yazom and have been impressed with the availability of its CEO and the companys respect for token holders. I view this as a non speculative investment that will steadily increase in value over time with adoption.

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avatar Tomcal 14 rated: February 11, 2019 12:35:32

Cryptoeclipse covered every aspect of Yazom. They are definitely not a scam. Most projects are a pipe dream or offer no real use in our lives. Tron dogs, crypto kitties etc?! Sanje and his team have communicated with his investors throughout the entire process and continue to do so. It is an investment I’m fortunate enough to have stumbled across. I believe it will be the best investment in crypto that one could make!

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avatar CryptoEclipse 38 rated: February 11, 2019 10:53:44

Where do I start my review of Yazom? 
Let's start with that it took me a while to get interested with the project as the crowdsale phase of the ICO was run during then most difficult times for the cryptomarkets (May 2018) and I was one of the last investors in the project during the crowdsale. Once I understood the project logistics, the token metrics, the noble goal of healthcare services accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere and most importantly that Yazom is an already operating and growing business uniting 400 hospitals, pharmacies and doctors in Jamaica, and that CEO Sanjé Witter has a grand vision and a great reputation in the region - I have become an investor and an ultimate supporter of the project ever since. 

Now let me try to summarize the key project logistics for those who are truly interested to get the gist of it. 

First of all, the tokenomics. Initial total supply - 50 mln tokens, 32.5 mln tokens sold to the investors (crowdsale sold out in 8 hours), 2.5 mln for bounties and remaining 15 mln (5 mln team, 5 mln partnerships and 5 mln ecosystem for regional expansions) going into the circulation gradually over the next 4 years on different release schedules. There will be token inflation of about 5% annually due to the new tokens forged for staking and masternodes rewards. 

The choice of blockchain solution. Initially it was Neblio blockchain. The company later decided to go with a development of their own native blockchain solution implemented as a sidechain of the public Ethereum blockchain, using smart contracts on the Ethereum main network to anchor the ZOM chain to the public chain.

This has inevitably slowed down the project's very first goals - exchanges, CMC listing, first rounds of marketing - but leaving all speculations aside there could have been many valid reasons for this decision and there was all the evidence of it not being easy for the company. They made it, it's one unexpected roadblock behind and the team has no intention to dwell on the past - they are looking forward! 

Yazom (formerly known as Potion Owl) is not about introducing a crypto currency in Jamaica or Caribbeans. It's not about changing the world by shifting everyone and everything from fiat to crypto. The project has nothing to do with any of the many different goals of a typical project in the blockchain or cryptocurrency space. There is a major difference between Yazom and most of the other projects that sprung out of ICOs in 2017 or 2018. Yazom's blockchain based ambition is to enhance an already adopted (in Jamaica) healthcare management system for hospitals, providers and us, the potential patients, regardless of whether we are country's locals or visitors. Yazom has a rapid expansion plan to cover all 28 Caribbean territories over a 12-month period beginning in the year of 2019, followed by expansion to Central and South America and later to Asia/Oceania regions, then to North America, Europe and African countries. Quite an ambitious goal!

In order to ensure increased awareness of Yazom they put together a marketing plan which utilizes elements of affiliate marketing as well as some of the most popular personalities from their home country of Jamaica who have had global reach in their disciplines - world famous celebrities, musicians and athletes. The first personality was revealed during the crowdsale - Davina Bennett, 2nd runner up of Ms. Universe 2018. The company intends to reveal the remaining 4 personalities over a period of the next few months during the events aligned with some of the major milestone deliverables and hopefully in more favorable market conditions. 

Yazom's ZOM token (previously NTP-1 PTN token and currently ERC20 ZOM token) will have the utility of collecting fees for the use of their healthcare management services by healthcare providers (hospitals, pharmacies, doctors - appointments, consultations, prescription preparation and filling). 50% of the fees will be burnt and 50% awarded to Yazom. As they expand geographically and increase the use of their blockchain based healthcare platform there will be a higher demand for the ZOM tokens and that will increase the token price over time. 

On top of just the organic increase of the token price (the non-speculative increase of demand) there is a great passive income opportunity in holding Yazom's ZOM tokens: the tokens will have annual staking rewards of 3.5% and two types of masternode rewards: active (6.5%) and standby (4.5%). There will be limited number of masternode applications available for qualified investors passing the due diligence and KYC. Starting with 150 masternodes for the first 2 years from Mar 2019, the number of masternodes will be doubled every year. Each masternode will require a dedicated wallet address with 50k tokens for the first year, then with each year's masternode doubling event the minimal amount of ZOM tokens hold in the masternode wallet will be decreased by half. To summarize: there will be 150 masternodes at 50k ZOM per masternode wallet from 2019 to 2021, then 300 masternodes at 25k ZOM per masternode wallet from 2021 to 2022, then 600 masternode slots at 12.5k ZOM per masternode wallet from 2022 to 2023 and so on until in 2025 the total number of masternodes increases to 4800 with 1562.5 ZOM per masternode. Thus at any given time the number of tokens reserved for securing ZOM blockchain network will be 7.5 mln ZOM. The necessity of this total amount of ZOM tokens stored on the masternode wallets serves several purposes most important of which is to ensure no single entity can host enough masternodes to achieve the 51% votes necessary to corrupt the governance of the blockchain transactions. There will be some additional ZOM reserved by the standby masternode candidates - the standby nodes will be required to be used in the unexpected event the number of masternodes falls below minimally required for securing blockchain. 

The actual need for the masternodes is expected in Q3 2019 when Yazom plans to complete development of their native blockchain solution but they will start paying monthly masternode network validation rewards to the approved masternode holders from Mar 2019. 

That is it! These are the key logistics of this project! 

To reiterate - Yazom is an existing business with an existing use case adopted in Jamaica already. A business with an aggressive expansion timeline and with an independent revenue generation enough to successfully run its new blockchain initiative for years without touching any of the raised ICO funds. 

The integration of blockchain in an already existing healthcare solution will make it more useful, more secure, more dependent and thus more unique in the sphere and more future proof against any of the up and coming competition. 

Yazom really is a very simple use case with a very simple mass adoption path where the adoption doesn't depend on an average man but depends on the acceptance of use of their healthcare system by the healthcare providers on the uncharted territory with minimal competition in the healthcare management services space. 

On top of this "ideal" mass adoption scenario you have a bright CEO who always makes himself available to the investors. A CEO with the vision and business ambition of Steve Jobs who envisions Yazom Healthcare system being used globally complementing known hospital systems like Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Next Gen and others. 

And let me finish with the following. For those typical crypto investors who invest today and want a 10x profit tomorrow: don't make your investment decisions with one month or even one year in mind. Think with decades in mind. Just think where Yazom is going to be 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 years from now. Think about how big Yazom will be when you pass your ZOM tokens to your kids as an inheritance ?

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avatar Bobby Crypto 35 rated: February 10, 2019 18:58:14

First of all, you don't even have a clue about Yazom, I am with the project since the ICO, ZOM is probably one of the best ICO in crypto, and the only one I trust also ZOM don't hype at all and try to have a gazillion followers, they don't need that.
They started with Neblio, but Neblio didn't fill all the needs for their platform, so they changed for Etherium, at the moment they are already the biggest in Jamaica for Electronic Health Records (EHR), so they are already a profitable business since 2014, they are integrating blockchain to their platform and created a token for it, so Yazom is more an IPO than an ICO, but since they are creating a new blockchain platform, they did an ICO, Sanje the CEO, is always available to inform us, he's also a great visionary, they are planning a rapid expansion through the Caribbean's, South America and the rest of the world, they don't have a lot of GitHub activity now, but that will change very soon, they just changed platform, so before saying crap, inform yourselves and get your facts together, Jason T and Dr. Doom.

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avatar Jason T. 109 rated: February 10, 2019 12:06:02

Seems like these guys are going to integrate with Neblio, which is good, they're joining a more established ecosystem. But that's about where the positives stop for me. They are competing in a very tough niche (healthcare-services). Besides that they are based in Jamaica and there is scant info about the team. I tried looking for the founder/CEO's info and they dont even have a picture on their LinkedIn. They need a more professional and VERIFIED online presence before I can give them any lower of a Shadiness score.

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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: February 10, 2019 03:54:28

I don't even know where to start with this one: it seems to have been formerly known as potion owl, website now leads to Yazom. ZOM token details nowhere to be found, not listed on CMC. ICO was supposedly in March and May 2018. Github activity: as good as nothing. Interesting detail: potion owl used the same logo (different colors) as Spectre.ai, interestingly enough. If you click on "Publication" on their website, it leads to their medium, which has no publications. So I don't know what this platform is doing, besides posting health care industry tweets. Because I stopped looking for more red flags that are likely to be found to come to a super shady rating, I just stopped researching and keep the rating at "only" very shady. UPDATE:Clarifying my initially submitted review: it is true that besides what I was able to find, there might be positive information to be found, but that should be a lot easier, because from the outside it looks very bad, and my research process is that whenever I find a certain amount of red flags and/or things that just don't seem right, that will be reflected in the rating. I already gave it the benefit of the doubt by not giving it the lowest rating.

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