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CryptoBox posted on April 21, 2019 09:47:02

Any blockchain platform that claims it combines blockchain with AI or Big Data is an instant non-starter for me.  Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology which goes against the principles of big data and AI.  Claiming to have experts in DLT, AI, and Big Data agreeing on a technical strategy is insane.  

avatar Dr. Doom 258
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Dr. Doom posted on April 20, 2019 23:03:24

Project was shilled by Suppoman (and I believe Balina too), which immediately places it in a shady corner. The team however seems quite legit and I would not expect this to turn out to be an exit scam of anything in the sort either. Only github data is the crowdsale of the erc20 token and nothing more, which means either 2 things: nothing in terms of coding ever happened or this is a completely closed

avatar Jason T. 111
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Jason T. posted on April 20, 2019 03:01:14

Zebi is a big data platform with blockchain tech integrated with it. They have heavy ties to India but their team has experience all over in the US and other countries too. With such a large, connected, and public team I don't think they are that shady. However, this project looks like many of the other ones I've encountered before... so many damn buzzwords and connecting AI + Big Data + VR + Clean

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