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avatar zeon-2 11
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zeon-2 posted on April 07, 2019 21:47:46

Coin name : Zeon
Coin ticker : ZEON
Bitcointalk ANN :
Explorer :
Github :
Logo : https://masternode.zeonhexalgo.fun/images/logo.png
Port : 32222
Rpcport : 21944

avatar Dr. Doom 237
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Dr. Doom posted on April 09, 2019 04:33:06

I wouldn't call the previous review a review, but more promotion of this project, so don't put to much weight into the given rating. I am just gonna say that even though I have a hard time believing in the success of this ZEON coin, which is a GPU miners and masternodes focussed coin, everyone is ofcourse free to launch their own open source coin. However they claim to be a coin that takes the positives of cryptocurrencies and solving the negatives (among which the flawed conception of energy "waste" of PoW mining). Eventhough there is more than enough technical specifications available, a whitepaper that clearly explains how this project is so unique and worthy to spend money on for mining or masternodes, is not provided. They did a small pre-mine, but for the rest they aren't doing an ICO, they say. There are wallets available and they even have there own (zero liquidity) exchange, where trading pairs are provide for their coin against bitcoin and litecoin (and 2 more coins). Github activity is low, though there is some activity at least, which is more than I can say of many other projects that I have seen passing by. Team on the website exists of 2 individuals, 1 with visibility, so assume for now a highly centralized situation.

Definitely not the worst that I have seen in terms of shadiness, but also not the most legit either. I am going to have to be relatively mild, but with low expectations. They claim to address the energy "waste" of PoW, but how about them not wasting others' time and energy with a seemingly useless coin.

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