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Review Date: August 20, 2020 09:23:35

It walks like a scam, it talks like a scam, usually I would say, this must be a scam. And although I have zero interest in ever sending any money to Richard Heart, there is for a limited time also the option of getting free HEX. Everyone buying the token, should be aware that the money most likely is going to its founder, Richard. Yet, it seems to be a working product in the realm of DeFi, it being a digital Certificate of Deposit. So selling a token of a working product, while also offering free tokens, is in reality all Richard did, eventhough he used some questionable marketing techniques to shill his project, but still that's nothing uncommon in crypto. I am not for or against HEX, I do find it an interesting DeFi project from a technical development and market perspective, but I do wanna emphasize caution as well, because I don't trust the founder at all, so I would also not be surprised if any (perhaps purposefully built in) bugs or vulnerabilities come out later, which result in magically disappearing the time deposits of HEX holders. That doesn't have to be the case, but considering Richard is behind this, it might be wise to consider this as additional risk factor. But as long as the code doesn't indicate any wrong doing, all of us free market proponents should principally not be too concerned about HEX, because there are much more blatant harmful scammers or completely rotten tomato projects, in other words, much bigger fish to frie. HEX, relative to standards held in crypto leans somewhat shady, but impo it is far from an actual scam in the literal meaning of the word (at least for the time being).

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