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TokenPay - TPAY
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Review Date: May 03, 2019 08:33:54

It ‘s a scam project, because of: -pump and dumps -CEO who hides and manipulates -20 promisses, 0 releases, 21 delays -Overdose of fake accounts controller by a few people who have wrong intentions -admins who scam the community -money laundrey -the team owns 70% of the coins, with a POS it’s the ultimate thing to do roll backs, wich they did many times (chain is corrupt as hell) - manipulation with stakes -insider trading -always stopped listings at decent Exchanges because that would stop their pump and dump And much much more!! Do yourself a favor and stay away from this Check twitter for #tokenpayscam and #tokenpayexposed . and find the tokenpay exposed group in telegram!!! @tokenpayx

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