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Review Date: February 10, 2019 18:58:14

First of all, you don't even have a clue about Yazom, I am with the project since the ICO, ZOM is probably one of the best ICO in crypto, and the only one I trust also ZOM don't hype at all and try to have a gazillion followers, they don't need that. They started with Neblio, but Neblio didn't fill all the needs for their platform, so they changed for Etherium, at the moment they are already the biggest in Jamaica for Electronic Health Records (EHR), so they are already a profitable business since 2014, they are integrating blockchain to their platform and created a token for it, so Yazom is more an IPO than an ICO, but since they are creating a new blockchain platform, they did an ICO, Sanje the CEO, is always available to inform us, he's also a great visionary, they are planning a rapid expansion through the Caribbean's, South America and the rest of the world, they don't have a lot of GitHub activity now, but that will change very soon, they just changed platform, so before saying crap, inform yourselves and get your facts together, Jason T and Dr. Doom.


Review Date: February 09, 2019 19:02:32

I'd really like to see people get onto the NEBLIO train before it takes off. The team is rock solid, the project is great, they're insanely active on the project and commits, team bought it’s own coins. Burned anything unsold as promised. Been going more than a year with main net in place before ico. USA team. POS and you can stake on a pi so no expensive hardware. 10% reward. Team available directly on discord.

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