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Review Date: January 12, 2020 18:56:53

I WISH I could give 0 stars. 100% a scam by Richard Heart! All ETH has been moved out and exited. Everyone warned people not to invest but this one was obvious!

Ferrum Network

Review Date: January 12, 2020 13:57:17

I have known Ian Friend for quite some time and the work they put into the project is incredible. They did not raise a silly amount of money, just over 1M USD, they raised what was needed and have delivered time and time again. They have a real product in Kudi already up and running, thousands of vendors, a pre-paid credit card, Unifyre wallet with really cool features and so many more things planned for 2020. The project constantly updates the community with AMAs and medium articles as well as has social mining which works like an unlimited bounty program for active users contributing upvoted work and helping out the project. This is a project that aims to bank the unbanked and already has started to do so by offering a one click bank right on mobile phones. This is a valuable use case! I am constantly asked about GEM projects and this one having such a low marketcap and an actual use case is always in my top 3 potential huge projects of 2020!

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