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Libertarian that prefers to stay anonymous. Several years researching crypto related projects and following bitcoin and crypto industry developments. Scams and untrustworthy endeavours in crypto space are giving the industry a bad name.

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Review Date: May 15, 2020 09:16:46

Been using this exchange a couple of years ago for a few small trades and back then all was good. Also 1 time more recently. So I do not have a negative experience, BUT for doing proper due diligence you might wanna be aware that the internet is filled with negative reviews. Don't know if any of it is true, or malicious attempts to smear this platform, but you should be aware of this. One thing to pay attention to is to what coin you wanna trade or withdraw, because for some coins they charge prohibitively large withdrawal fees; so check their withdrawal fee schedule first before depositing anything. One thing that I do appreciate about the platform is their general lack of KYC for smaller accounts, because I do value privacy a lot! But there are also reports from people claiming that they sometimes randomly try to enforce KYC on users before they can withdraw. Once again, don't know if that is true; I didn't have that experience myself and have been able to withdraw multiple times without any issues. With all this in mind I would recommend to only use this exchange if for the coin you wanna trade, only HitBTC is available, otherwise consider more reputable ones. Besides if you do trade on it, make sure your deposits are relatively small. I do wanna add that despite all smears and scam allegations HitBTC has been around for many years now, longer than some of the more high profile exchanges. If they really were such bad actors as some claim, how do they even still exist, I would ask? Same goes for Bitfinex for example; plenty of bad press, accusations and what not, yet it still functions and has not collapsed. This is why I lean towards a neutral classification; my personal experiences were fine, but I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend them either.


Review Date: December 08, 2019 22:23:57

I read a lot of good arguments here in the reviews that rate this project at most "very poor"; and I agree with pretty much all! But there is even more that anyone should know that still is considering getting HEX token; What many don't know (because it is fairly well hidden information), is that there is an "Origin Address", which is an Ethereum address that will receive a big portion of HEX tokens that are claimed by others; this address will also receive HEX tokens for penalties that are paid for terminating a staking. This practically means that the owner of the Origin Address, extremely likely Richard Heart, will become the biggest HEX Whale of all time! This token serves only one purpose: making Richard filthy rich while cunningly misleading uneducated investors. This type of behaviour is extremely damaging for the reputation of cryptocurrencies and any legitimacy that DeFi could ever bring! Luckily sites like Cryptocanary can bring awareness about these scams to the broader public. Before you consider doing anything with regards to claiming HEX tokens or even worse, buying them, read this full article here; it breaks down the whole thing quite clearly and uncovers the methods that Richard uses to create the HEX illusion; don't fall for it. Mandatory read:

Binance Coin

Review Date: November 19, 2019 22:19:19

One of the most successful exchanges and one of the most profitable businesses that ever conducted an ICO; BNB's early investors have made quite a killing so far, but I am afraid that the latest inflated prices due to the IEO hype (that is now cooling down a lot) is going to be corrected unless CZ comes out with yet another way to pump the coin. BNB shows however that you can make a business work based on an ICO and tokenomics; however, it seems they are experiencing more and more challenges to keep inventing stuff to create demand for the token, which might end up making this project not to a sustainable investment for token holders, if demand can't support itself without artificially created stuff by the company. Nevertheless, Binance (the company) is extremely profitable as a company.


Review Date: November 05, 2019 21:57:14

Former Antshares, back in the day (2017) was largely ignored but got a lot of attention during the 2017 bull market when it changed to NEO and started to do ICO's on their platform as well. NEO price reached like $160 from an early 2016 Antshares low of $0.08. Now hoovering between $8-12. Now that the ICO gold fever largely has cooled down across the board, and the bear market has severely punished all the overextended hype, also NEO seems to have lost quite a lot of steam. There seems to be still visible development if we look at Github, so at least it's not an entirely dead project, but unfortunately I can't verify if it is just a smoke show or not. NEO definitely had both a lovers and haters audience and the haters are all convinced that the whole NEO hype thing is a con game. The thing that was really obvious was that the lovers audience consisted of a bunch of religiously devoted fan brigades, which often indirectly indicated that there is more air than substance and that most of those fans were unsophisticated newbies that are unable to judge a projects on its true merits. I used to believe that NEO was developing a lot around their eco system and some interesting projects were launched on their platform, plus the price growth at the time attracted a lot of attention, so the fomo was almost inescapable. However I turned quite skeptical over time as I do believe this project was very overhyped and I don't think the expectations are going to be met. Do I think this project is downright scammy? No, I don't have much tangible reason to believe that either. Interestingly enough, as a side note: the Chinese govt forced NEO to offer a refund to the Antshares ICO investors, but I believe no one wanted to use the offer (obviously because the market price had exceeded the ICO price astronomically).


Review Date: November 05, 2019 21:38:07

Oh yes the Ripple fork by Mt Gox founder Jeb McCaleb; who some believe to be partly responsible for events around the collapse of that exchange, or even being a major cause of it, so at the very least he is quite controversial. On top of that him leaving the Ripple project and forking it into its own can be explained in a good but also in a bad way. The project has however on the other hand quite a good reputation within the crypto community, broadly speaking. Good to note that they did not do any ICO, but largely airdrops and other ways of distributing tokens in 'fairer' ways (accompanied with KYC requirements unfortunately). I have heard that many token projects were considering moving from Ethereum to XLM, and perhaps a number did and that insiders were positive about the project. Although my opinion about XLM shifts from time to time, I am not convinced that it is a truly respectable project. However, keep in mind that this project is quite centralized and the vast majority of tokens are in possession of the organization. Probably in order to boost the price they announced to burn about $4.7 billion of tokens, according to this article: My current opinion much coincides with a few comments I read on facebook: "Showing that a coin can be manipulated by a centralized authority making a decision behind closed doors doesn't do the coin or project any favors. May as well fork back into XRP." Or this one: "we can't get anybody to buy our scam coin, so let's burn half of the supply to pump the price!" So no, I am not a fan.


Review Date: October 15, 2019 22:14:23

Sorry not gonna put much effort into this; after skimming through the available information (which isn't much) I can only agree with the other critical reviews. These are the very worst projects that hurt the crypto eco system, because these are so cheap and easy to set up and try to catch unknowing newbies that have no clue and are easily mislead by their information. Hopefully those newbies will now also find this reviews page and think twice before parting of their hard earned money on this nonsense.

Hedera Hashgraph

Review Date: September 23, 2019 22:26:41

Someone described this as we should see the level of centralization in this project as a baby that gets nourished by its parents until it's grown up and can stand on its own feet. However I do not believe this would be an appropriate analogy, as I highly doubt if the real goal of this project would ever be to become fully open source, permissionless and decentralized, which are the only ways in which any project could ever become actually interesting. This is in no way competition for bitcoin as the project seems to serve an entirely different purpose, rather it would be competition for Ethereum, however I do believe that once Ethereum goes Proof of Stake and implements its other scaling improvements, any advantages of Hashgraph would be minimal and Ethereum certainly is much more established that it won't be easy for any competitor to surpass Ethereum. - although this project is far from being an outright scam, because they do have a real and admirable team and are actually developing their product, the way they did their private sale at huge discount for private investors and the token basically got dumped in market for retail investors, for sure is shady tactics on the backs of the crypto community. I remember there was much hype about this project, making a lot of crypto investors very eager to invest, while almost everyone was excluded from the private sale. That was quite obviously exploited for the public launch of the token. - add to that that they entirely don't seem to operate from principles and ethos that are fundamental of cryptocurrency philosophy and they are basically an enterprise distributed ledger technology (read: not even an actual blockchain). - I am very suspicious about this project's future in terms of adoption and real innovative advantage and think it was very overhyped back in the day and consequently retail investors got burned once again.


Review Date: September 02, 2019 22:53:55

I'm afraid many people are being delusional about this project. From all the things that have been coming out, it seems this project is more likely to be extremely shady than that it will bring any value to all the investors that are high on hopium. The 1 year lockup period since ICO has also concluded, and it seems not unlikely that team tokens have been dumped on investors; the token price just looks awful, while the CEO was claiming that a $10 would be "nothing" when "real world adoption" would be achieved. Keep in mind, yet another project that is promising a crypto credit/debit card, which usually is also a major red flag. Tone Vays, who has been a very vocal critic of the project and published his findings on Twitter and Youtube last year, has made another video update with more revealing information. The deep dive that they are doing, is also a great insight in how investors should be skeptical of any crypto project and take a deep dive before trusting anything, so watching his video is also a learning experience for shady crypto project research:


Review Date: August 20, 2019 21:48:59

Hedgetrade token has recently entered the coinmarketcap in high rankings (#35 at time of writing) due to explosive price growth of this relatively simple ERC20 token. Reason for this seems to be the launch of their social trading platform. Basic concept is experienced traders can post "Blueprints" on the blockchain with their trade predictions. Platform users that want to copy trade can unlock the Blueprint by sending tokens to the Blueprint smart contract. If the prediction expires profitable the funds from its smart contracts go to the trader and when it is unprofitable the users get refunded. Oracles are supposed to conclude if a trade was profitable or not based on price data feeds. Traders that post their prediction Blueprints will also build a reputation that is secured by blockchain data. Overall the idea itself is definitely interesting (because evaluating the actual results of a trader is often challenging and being able to track their score via blockchain registry could be helpful to assess reputation) and they seem to have at least launched a working product. If anyone should copy traders at all, is entirely a different story and not an issue at stake here. I do have a few different issues about this project: - at this moment the token's use does not seem to be in any relation to the value of the token (measured by marketcap); this is probably due to speculators' irrational expectations by which they put a much too high premium on future valuation prospects. The marketcap is more than $237 million, while the token's use is worth about less than $3000 worth of transactions in 1 day (assuming ALL these transactions are used to use the Blueprints). This extreme overvaluation could result in a correction to more realistic values sooner or later, token speculators should be very cautious at these price levels. - I was unable to find a whitepaper or information about the ICO to tell me more about the project - the website seems to be unfinished business, with many linke "coming soon" - no team is featured on the website; though the Rublix project (RBLX token) seems to be the mother token, which seems to be a broad purpose ERC20 token project that is releasing Dapps such as Hedgetrade. The team description on Rublix is then the same as HEDG team I assume; their profiles exist of names + bio, no pictures, no social media links (thus harder to verify). - the project's social media is actively posting and writing blogs (Medium), though many blog articles (and youtube videos) are mostly of informational content around cryptocurrency in general (especially articles on the website). - HEDG activity on Github is on the Rublix Github, which features the HEDG ERC20 token minting (10 months ago, with a latest update 5 months ago). The Blueprint smart contract last commit was Aug 2018. Github/development activity seems quite low therefore. I did not find enough evidence to classify this project as an outright scam, although some potentially red flags seem to be present; nevertheless I will give it some benefit of the doubt assuming they indeed have a properly functioning working product. But its sudden overhyped status vs actual technical/fundamental status should definitely have crypto speculators very cautious if they are considering to FOMO in. It is going to be very hard for such a project to become so successful and attract so many successful traders that are incentivized to use the platform to make an extra revenue, that it becomes such a valuable business to justify anything near its current token valuation. This is however personal opinion and does not have to be in any form related to the question if the project itself is a trustworthy enterprise; also too much information (like whitepaper) is missing to make an accurate judgment, though lack of whitepaper is accounted for in my confidence vote.


Review Date: August 16, 2019 00:42:24

Grin did a fair launch, no ICO or other shady stuff, has a huge team of open source developers (including serious blockchain developers). It's based on the Mimblewimble protocol (competitor building on the same protocol is the more commercial, more centralized Beam). Big drawback on Bitcoin is the fact that transactions and amounts are publicly visible on the blockchain, and it is becoming increasingly easy to do chain analyses and track users, especially with all the KYC by custodians and exchanges that expose a lot of addresses. Mimblewimble and with that Grin, is an innovative privacy focussed protocol that seems to solve that issue, because it has no amounts and no addresses, which could mean it has perhaps even more privacy than the current privacy champion Monero. I don't think there is anything scammy or shady to be found about this project. It is now also more available on more mainstream exchanges such as Kucoin and even Poloniex. A concern that I do have is the fact that if the technology for Grin is perfected, that (as far as I have understood it) it is very possible that the tech is easily integrated into bitcoin (perhaps via side-chain), giving bitcoin the privacy it now greatly lacks. In that case the value proposition for Grin coin itself would diminish substantially of course. At the start of the Grin launch there were several controversial issues however, as described in this article:, however none of that was directly at fault of Grin: - Before the first block was even mined, it was alleged that the coin was already trading on exchanges - Price dropped more than 98% (from ~$261) in the first 24 hours of trading (artificial exchange volume?) - Sirin Labs founder was scammed on an OTC deal on Telegram, trying to buy a large amount of Grin However, since these early days controversies were not related to the project itself, we can dismiss those for our judgment. Users should also be aware that unlike the fixed total supply of bitcoin, Grin has a perpetual inflation, which theoretically means an infinite supply. It should be noted that the inflation is a fixed amount per block and therefore the RELATIVE inflation will decrease over time gradually (and not in shocks such as bitcoin's halvings). Some hardcore crypto fundamentalists are allergic for such a feature, but to be honest, impo as soon as the inflation is lower than 1% per year, it already outperforms all fiat currencies. Reason for not choosing the fixed supply principle is that they want Grin to be more for transactions than as store of value (less HODL-ing); hopefully that doesn't turn out to be flawed thinking, but so far I am not negative towards this. Understandably this coin is still in its early development, but a decent user friendly wallet with an interface suitable for average users is not available yet, which at this time is not helpful for the onboarding of users. But I guess we'll just need to be patient for this to happen, until then, actually using this coin is primarily for tech savvy users. Last point is about the anonymity of the "founder" and absence of a CEO. For practically all projects that is otherwise the biggest red flag out there; in case of Mimblewimble I think that is actually a strong virtue. The strong extended open source developers community around this project, make it on development and "leadership" level very decentralized. Honestly, I did an effort to dig up dirt about this project, but it is hard to find or even non-existent. This perhaps, besides bitcoin and a tiny few other coins, is part of the handful of truly honest, legitimate, really decentralized cryptocurrencies that actually deserve that title. Keep in mind though that pure fundamentally ethical projects do not automatically translate into profitable "investments". Grin/Mimblewimble still have a long way to go to establish and prove themselves and then somehow attract adoption; and a lot can go wrong along the way still. So don't stare blind on the fact that it is so highly respected, it is not automatically a guaranteed profitable speculation and definitely a more risky one than for example bitcoin (impo).

Paxos Standard

Review Date: July 02, 2019 22:12:24

Considering the regulated nature of this stable coin, it is likely to be trustworthy enough to assume that it won't collapse overnight and is indeed fully backed as it promises. There seem to be some issues for larger traders to redeem their tokens, with extra hassle created by Paxos for this process in individual cases, which seems to suggest some bad faith practices from the company, for more info about this, you can read the linked article and do more research about the legitimacy of these claims being made. Overall I don't expect this to be of any real issue for the average retail trader. However generally I wouldn't recommend keeping much money in any stablecoin for an extended period of time if it isn't absolutely necessary. Link to the article about hassle around redeeming Paxos tokens:


Review Date: June 20, 2019 22:24:43

When it comes to innovation with regards to this token: there is none. It is just a standard ERC20 token of which there are thousands and the whitepaper does not convince me that there is anything special about this particular token. They claim to be building a wide range and variety of projects around this token, which so far are only promises on paper. Btw the whitepaper's text is pretty awful and hard to follow, seems as if it is directly translated by Google. On various occasions I read about "business opportunity" and ways to make money, or at least suggestions are made towards this, however no explanation on how the token investor would make profits. Github shows only the erc20 token published, nothing else. I have seen so many projects like this and it is usually just a money grab. Hard proof for that I can't find, only the lack of proof that something is actually happening. I would be extremely skeptical, which I am, because it looks and smells fishy. In short, you will be sending your hard earned money to some stranger on the internet, that has made all kinds of promises, without a clear description on how the promised objectives are going to be achieved and why there would be a token needed for that (apart from the team raising money from uneducated investors, which clearly seems to be the (easy) target audience; advanced crypto users/investors will directly reject any project similar to this).


Review Date: June 17, 2019 23:40:35

One of the few true privacy coins that is leading the pack with its privacy features and very important for privacy coins: privacy is the default, not an option. This is important because this improves fungibility. Long track record and has a fair amount of brand recognition and adoption. The project also continues to innovate to improve privacy and make the network more secure. Eventhough Monero is much more private than bitcoin for example, it is also very experimental and all transactions are still recorded forever (though shielded). If privacy of transactions is more vital than for an average bitcoin user, Monero is probably the best and most reliable alternative, but if your life depends on the secrecy or you are going to use it for criminal activity, it is probably not a good idea. Keep in mind that as soon as bitcoin gets much more privacy improvements, the usecase for Monero might diminish. Overall impo fully legit project.


Review Date: June 17, 2019 23:01:13

Always proclaimed as the next generation cryptocurrency, utilizing so-called DAG technology. Technically speaking IOTA is not even a blockchain. The technology and its implementation are highly experimental and their main focus is to be THE cryptocurrency for IoT. Gotta give the project credit for still being around. However the project is not without some criticism, as few are anyway of course. However some (near) scandals have put the project often in bad light, such as overhyping or misrepresenting influential partnerships and a nasty debate between the IOTA team and MIT about a major vulnerability in their cryptographic function. Also despite the centralized coordinator necessity being promised to removed at some point, this still remains a sensitive issue. Read more about some of the past issues: Or here the rebuttal in the fight with MIT: I would suggest anyone looking at IOTA to familiarize yourself with the good and the bad of this project and make your own judgments, because although I don't think this project is inherently shady and in fact likely to overcome a lot of its struggles, but it does seem to have some issues of its own where interested participants should be aware of.


Review Date: June 16, 2019 22:43:55

This is the AI token project that has the AI "Sophie" behind it, or better put the company that has developed Sophie. They are building an AI network and eco system around the token with the purpose of democratizing AI so that the technology doesn't only become available to the elites. Their ICO was 10x oversubscribed (whitelist) and sold out in no time. they raised about $40 mln, remarkably, because they clearly stated that they would NOT be involved with any exchange listings, which is highly unusual for token projects. Reason is ofcourse to circumvent SEC retaliation. THe token was initially only tradable on IDEX, but later got listed on Binance (by community effort, team was not involved, allegedly). Team is very active and present at many occasions, communicating progress. I cannot possibly know or predict if this project is going to achieve its mission, but by my observation they are sincerely trying. In my opinion in terms of seriousness and ethics, this project stands with head and shoulders above the crowd.


Review Date: June 16, 2019 22:30:23

One of the top performing projects for decentralized finance in terms of actual use of the product, prediction markets. It's an Ethereum based project with REP as ERC20 token. The prediction markets smart contracts can be used to construct all kinds of decentralized derivatives for examples. Top notch team that is also visible and engaged in the cryptocurrency industry. I have no doubt that this project is legit.


Review Date: June 13, 2019 23:03:08

The ERC20 token stable coin that is governed by the Maker DAO project, the Maker token is the coin used for governance of the stable price of DAI against the dollar. 1 DAI is supposed to be worth $1 without the backing of actual dollars. Backing is achieved with the staking of Ethereum in smart contracts through a complicated process that involves some kind of arbitrage. Very successful project as a whole in the Ethereum eco-system that deserves a lot of credits. Large trading volumes and the DAI has been surprisingly successful in keeping a relatively stable value near $1, even when the bear market battle tested the token, while the value of Ether was dropping. I have no doubt this project is totally legit and brings very valuable results from their experimentations in real life decentralized finance.

Elite Coin

Review Date: June 13, 2019 22:38:14

this coin has a trading volume of about $100, yet a marketcap of over $1 million, so for those speculators should probably pay attention if the trading volume justifies such market value. But I will leave conclusions about that for anyone's own research. No whitepaper and no visible team, which normally would be red flags, however considering this coin already exists something like 5 years (correct me if I am wrong) and is still actively supported by its community, I will give it some benefit of the doubt on that point. If I am correct this project has no ICO and no funding and the pre mine, they claim is for giving away and promotion. I can understand why transactions are fast, because practically all blocks are empty, plus Proof of Stake nature of mining allows for easier scaling and considering that no critical infrastructure is built on this blockchain, security doesn't have to be the highest priority. Games can be bought from their webshop, where you can pay with Elite coin only (formerly 1337, which is still its ticker). I don't know about the quality of the games that they develop themselves where Elite should also be the in-game currency (inter-exchangeable between other games), but I hope their website is not an indication of the quality of their game developers. For example take a look at the coinmarketcap widget in the top right corner of the website: clearly their design has improvement points. Overall looking at this project as an outsider I don't get the feeling it is an outright scam, but only interesting for those that are part of the community. The coin has had some pump and dumps but keep in mind that this is due to low liquidity. last pump in May19 was at a volume of $1200. So if you would be betting on selling in one of those pumps, you might have a hard time achieving that. I see plusses and minusses with this coin, so I am going to give this one a neutral vote. I am not overly excited nor do I think it's a scam (like I already said).


Review Date: June 12, 2019 22:54:04

This must be one of the most legit ERC20 token protocol projects out there. The team is developing a protocol that can be used for launching decentralized exchanges in the Ethereum blockchain. Working product that already has already processed large sums of money. Disclosure: i do not own any ZRX at time of writing this nor have I plans in the short term to purchase any either. Real team, real project, real product with real innovation, fundamental to the DeFi (decentralized finance) eco system. The 0x protocol could eventually work on the backend of universal wallets to exchange any token into any other token for Dapp access without a user even knowing what is happening under the hood in a token economy where 1000s of Dapps have their own utility/access token. This is just 1 aspect of the entire project that I wanted to highlight.


Review Date: June 04, 2019 19:24:48

Reasonably confident that this privacy coin is likely not a scam. They even appear to have won some contest for Masternode coins, or at least turned out as one of the better ones on several aspects. Development looks promising and the team is building different hardware solutions as well for improving user privacy by incorporating TOR in their tech for example. They also have some sort of online shop where you buy online services such as domain names, email hosting etc., and alongside normal currencies, BWK is also one of the currency payment options. I could not identify any substantial or particular red flags.

Review Date: June 04, 2019 18:27:11

Yet another cryptocurrency project that claims to be better than bitcoin. It is also a privacy coin, that is using tech from Cryptonote. They did not do an ICO and one of the co founders wrote a post saying that he was particularly disappointed in a project that according to his description has to be Electroneum. That aside they claim to be better than all the ICO's by not doing an ICO, however, they did a 10% pre mine, which is most definitely a red flag according to general crypto standards. They claim to be developing several projects around the Bloc currency, but it seems many of those are already late in road map delivery. Then I will quote a couple of posts from different profiles on their bitcointalk channel that seems to coincide with the observation: "SHITCOIN DEV VERY SILENCE VERY SLOW SHIT PROJECT DONT CARE DUMP EVERY DAY" "Do NOT expect much. It's just a turtlecoin fork ,but with 10% pre-mined for dump." "is the project dead?" "looks like it is dead." Github only shows recent tiny activity last month, with all prior activity stopping at 6 months ago. It would very much surprise me if this project turns out not to be dead after all, but, hey, anything is possible in crypto! For the time being I will pass on the "opportunity".


Review Date: May 29, 2019 16:56:01

The purpose for which this coin of Brazilian origin claims to be invented for, is already been invented by 100s of other coins and frankly does not bring any innovation in that regard. The website tries to convince people that this coin is inherently built to solve poverty, well its properties don't do that any better than for example bitcoin already can. Their other claim is that they are ecologically sustainable because they use PoS mining, which is not unique at all either. Yet they still continue to use PoW as well. Looking at Github, there hasn't been any meaningful development for a long time. Social media presence is very limited and very low following. Only available on a small number of tiny, shady exchanges and very low trading volume.


Review Date: April 28, 2019 07:57:03

Why the odd name that doesn't have anything to do with its usecase in any shape or form, but also has a very clear other meaning in crypto space (for example IOTA's Tangle). Yes, listed developers are active on github, but not particularly yet on the Tangle project (yet). The fact that they only allocated 10% of the supply and claim that they won't be paying out salaries to the team from the ICO funds at least make it appear that it wouldn't be a money grab. Well, let's see how that will turn out. I couldn't find anything particularly suspicious about this project, so I am going to rate this cautiously with a degree of confidence until proven otherwise (innocent until proven guilty). My gut feeling is just a bit uncomfortable when looking at it as a whole, after seeing so many crypto projects in so many years, I can't help being a little skeptical. Hopefully the team will prove to be as legit as they want us to believe.


Review Date: April 25, 2019 02:21:42

Update: seems OD Capital (promoted through YMCI) is a confirmed ponzi. Thai police has arrested and issued arrest warrants against suspects tied to this organization, read this article and it is clear that you might wanna think twice before getting involved in this mess:

My cousin's girl friend was involved in the YMCI (formerly known as SMCI), so I have seen first hand some of their promotional material, and it is 100% Multi Level Marketing/ pyramid scheme, who are perpetually launching one HYIP (ponzis) after another it seems. They are very sophisticated in making them look like a super legit company. Primarily operating in Asia, where the general population is less financially educated and therefore easier to deceive. 

One prominent example: They were promoting GMCI shares (back then listed on the Nasdaq OTC Pinksheets market (where all risky, shady stocks are listed)). They were selling shares of this company as a major investment holding company and make it look as if their portfolio existed of many different successful companies. However SEC filing reports would show that the only company GMCI owned was a mining company with large debts, zero mining activity, not even having any mining claims (existing mining claims were expired). It also turned out that in 2016, despite their claims of being such a huge company to potential retail investors, the revenue was literally zero! Yet, while the stock was still trading OTC, there was hardly any trading volume, many days no trading, or in the couple of $100's till occasionally a few $1000. Still, the market cap based on the traded prices was about $700 million. Very shady practices if you read through their company filings. Because they were late with their SEC filings at some point, they got temporarily suspended. Afterwards they decided to revoke their OTC listing and therefore were not required to file publicly with the SEC anymore. Investors were able to purchase these shares "pre-IPO" (they claimed to be listed on the NASDAQ main exchange by 2018, which was then postponed to 2019), for a rising price between $0.50 up to $1 (par value of each share $0.001), which looked like a discount from the traded price (when it was still listed) of around $2.50-3.00. If you bought more shares, you would end up higher in the pyramid reward program for higher commissions and more levels pay out. There is much more to tell from what I was able to find out, but I just wanted to give a short impression. And it seems that they are still promoting new "investment opportunities". 

Yup, if Elitetreum is promoted by this organization, I do not have to research it any further, because I already don't trust them one single bit AND their nature as a Pyramid scheme is the major red flag no-go zone! Please be aware.


Review Date: April 14, 2019 05:31:17

They do not seem to be misleading investors in any form and as long as you consider this a community coin to incentivize charity without profit expectations, I don't see much of a problem with it. I also don't see reasons to not trust this foundation to actually employ the intended funds indeed for charity. 


Review Date: April 14, 2019 05:07:52

They seem to be a legit company that is supposed to be a sort of Paypal for the unbanked by utilizing blockchain for remittances and microlending. Although more coins/tokens often claim they solve the remittance issue by just launching a cryptocurrency that should be the solution in and out of itself, at least Everex seems to be building a system of remittances by using e-money tokens that are (let's assume their claim is real) backed by actual fiat currency deposits. This usecase does however entirely depend on the Everex company as a centralized entity to be successful, so the token does not represent a decentralized value proposition. so investors need to be aware of that. 

Also, although the e-fiat tokens can be used for remittances, the EVX token doesn't play a direct role in this, unless fees are charged (one of the usecases for EVX is requirement for payment for services on the platform). 

The other primary usecase for EVX is sort of a credit scoring system for people holding EVX (a higher balance plays a part for a higher credit score for the micro lending platform).

The company has recently signed an agreement with a Thai Bank for a remittance service with Myanmar, which certainly helps the case for legitimacy (if the Thai bank did its due diligence).

Seems the company has also contributed to the Ethereum eco system with their own blockexplorer which is being used by other crypto platforms on Ethereum as well.

Binance research did recently publish a relatively positive report on Everex, and even though that is no guarantee at all, at least we may assume some due diligence in researching the project has gone into this report, which does add to the credibility.

To summarize: eventhough I believe in the legitimacy of the company, services and the team, the usecases and value proposition seem to be a bit disappointing from an investor point of view, so I think that is where the project/team is definitely lacking and I can't therefore put a 100% confidence unfortunately.


Review Date: April 05, 2019 08:12:00

I don't trust this at all. Seems like team is trying to leverage the blockchain cryptocurrency hype to launch a token for a project that doesn't seem to need any blockchain or cryptocurrency (top 10 list site), because first and foremost it also doesn't seem to need some of the primary aspects of the technology (censorship resistance, unconfiscatability, immutability, etc). As no further information is available, I am unaware if they have been trying to raise funds from crypto investors somehow to get their project off the ground, which would make my view even worse. So in my personal estimation this project is leaning shady under the information available at time of writing. 


Review Date: April 01, 2019 00:53:29

Be very cautious with this coin. Apart from issuing the ERC20 token there has been no innovative development anymore on the cryptocurrency. Only accomplishment apparently is the admycash platform that doesn't seem to be needing a token at all (but only for that at least they have been delivering more than most of these types of shady projects). Whitepaper explanation about solving double spending problem is laughable and clearly intended to mislead uninformed readers. Claim of being a private and anonymous cryptocurrency is honestly just completely irresponsible and dangerous + the (poor) pseudonymous feature has nothing to do with the project itself but is inherent to Ethereum; and even bitcoin achieves more pseudonimity than Ethereum AND is a more secure network as a bonus. 92% of supply is held by 1 address. Don't be naive and think twice,thrice before handing out your money to people that are deceiving you. These types of bogus cryptocurrencies are just bad for the reputation of legit projects, because people are going out there promoting these crap coins to the outside world, which will not leave a favorable experience for them. So kudos for the team to deliver an unrelated to OLXA token utility with admycash (but as per what was mentioned by someone else about what kind of crypto business users will be promoting through that platform, one should be very cautious not to be promoting scams unknowingly), but the amount of misrepresentation and red flags are just too overwhelming. 

And don't forget the usual red flag of falsely promising VISA cards! 

2 reasons that I just nearly not give them the worst available rating:

  1. I don't expect the team to actually exit scam, however my expectation is that the cryptocurrency part of this project is going to die a slow death and a lot of everyone's time and energy wasted on a completely pointless initiative based on false premises. 
  2. at least delivering some kind of working product (even though it is as good as totally unrelated to the token's utility)


Review Date: March 28, 2019 06:17:55

Part of the team is some entity called "Cash Global Marketing", which name only should already raise the highest suspicion, well and indeed, if you click on their link you will be directed to a "parked for free" page. If I look at the sum total of this page, my first feeling is that this project is secretly being used to sell some pyramid scheme, although I couldn't find direct evidence (yet). Great marketeers and the buzz words are all over the place. 

Let's take a look at Github: In April 2018 a few contributions made for ERC20 token ICO, then nothing until late Sept till early Nov, where minimal activity took place, followed by no development whatsoever up until writing this review.  


Review Date: March 28, 2019 05:32:08

Github shows you that there were 14 contributions last year (between Aug and Oct), 7 months with no contributions at all. The only released code is less than 150 lines nothing more than a standard ERC20 token smart contract. Hopefully the ICO didn't raise too much money because this is vaporware, guaranteed to lose your money in!


Review Date: March 26, 2019 01:42:42

I do agree that indeed the only aspect that would warrant for caution would be the DEX trading bot, other offered services seem reasonably legit and real. I do have some concerns:

  • basically the whole project is not open source and there is also no real proof of the AI trading bot actually existing, by default this is suspicious. I do like that there are no investment packages and users essentially keep most of the control over their coins, withdrawal anytime from the "bot wallet". However, ofcourse this is only possible AS LONG AS the website is online, so the exit scam risk is still there. They do not have an affiliate program either (since after ICO), which makes them certainly look less scammy, but also limits their marketing range, because there are not enough incentives to promote their services by the community.
  • the team doesn't seem capable to properly position and promote their service for what they claim to be an opportunity that no one should want to pass on. This is also very visible in the lack of traction for the token trading volume and price; 96% down from ATH. Price now is bouncing a lot near its bottom price. 
  • Lack of focus of the team may be at cause here (even though they have been ongoing with developing new services), because the same team prominent members have founded another token project/ICO around KYC. Now this doesn't have to be shady in and out itself, but certainly doesn't make them seem very focussed on the success of DROP, which needs a great deal more of attention.
  • Eventhough the transparently published locked token addresses (50% of founders token allocation) are indeed intact, still the token holders have been burdened with quite a significant dilution of 25% increase of circulating supply in the last year, so tokens are being brought into circulation at the expense of existing token holders (by a higher inflation rate). So it looks like the team and founders have sold all their unlocked tokens and have completely cashed out with exception of the unlocked tokens (that have depreciated in value 90-95% since the early days). If this really was a successfully promoted and performing service, the price and volume of the token should somehow reflect this, despite the bear market. Team is underperforming on this aspect, and it certainly looks like they cashed out significantly and moved most of their attention to somewhere else (next project).


Review Date: March 23, 2019 23:11:46

I wish there was a whitepaper to explain why a restaurant review site needs censorship resistance? Maybe this website has great utility and if they are really good they might take on the competition with Tripadvisor or Yelp, but I don't see any usecase for the cryptocurrency attached to it, other than reward points that you get on many community/forum/review sites (including cryptocanary). So where why would anyone want to buy this coin? how does a coin holder benefit from the success of the service? These questions are hard to answer because the project doesn't provide transaparency about the project's eco system and the role of its coin. We don't even know anything about supply, distribution, inflation, etc. Not even a blockexplorer. Is there even a blockchain or is it just a regular database on a centralized server? No apparent fund raising and virtually no one can buy the token anyway, so small change anyone would be able to lose money by investing in this, because that would require quite an effort (at least for now until they get listed on more mainstream exchanges)


Review Date: March 23, 2019 07:28:50

Hey Hey Heeeeeyyy! We got another one: Bitconnect 2019! Technically this is not a coin (oddly enough, because usually all these have their coin as well, but I hope the admins will approve this anyway, because the word needs to get out). Has all the same red flags as Bitconnect, promising even higher "guaranteed payouts" than Bitconnect, of course with absolutely no risk and money back guarantee:

  • Multilevel affiliate program, for direct referrals you will get 15% of deposits of new customers (this means the new user starts off with 85% of their deposit per definition)
  • The usual investment packages that you will give the daily guaranteed profits generated by this amazing "AI trading bot" (don't believe those who say they have an AI trading bot, because anyone who has a profitable AI trading bot will keep it a secret)......this has all the hallmarks of your average ponzi; unproven trading bot that can generate guaranteed daily profits, yeah sure!
  • The leadership team comes with profile pics, BUT don't appear to have LinkedIN, CEO only has Telegram and email and the other to executives only email
Currently they are still paying out apparently, as they all do in the first phase to gain credibility. Of course inevitably there comes the moment where the ponzi collapses and they exit scam. I do not trust this one singly bit and neither should you! Red flags in crypto is NO GO by default! 

Read this article to learn more:

Help The Homeless Coin

Review Date: March 20, 2019 07:40:45

This seems either a well intended but failing project due to lack of interest of the audience or a project that was trying to bank on the charitable character of a great part of human society. After all, who can criticize noble initiatives? Well, in crypto unfortunately this is a must. Why in the world does this project need a coin, instead people can just donate bitcoin, there doesn't seem to be any use for the coin except mining and masternodes. Apart from a 15% block rewards taxation that goes to charity, there is also a 10% block rewards taxation that goes to the devs. They claim there is no pre-mine though (contrary to what a previous reviewer suspects), so if there appears to be a pre mine after all, then that could be a huge red flag, but as said, so far there seems to be no indication of a (secret) pre mine.

My critical vote is towards the uncompleted or not updated Q4 2018 roadmap, which included the whitepaper, which still doesn't seem to be available indeed, which under normal circumstances is a huge red flag! 


Review Date: March 16, 2019 07:37:19

I don't know what happened to this project, little to be found about its destiny. At best it has just died, at worst it was an exit scam. Website doesn't exist anymore, social media abandoned (TG account doesn't exist anymore either) since summer 2018 and Github not updated since a year and only contained the ERC20 token contract. Looks a lot like they just issued a token, made some marketing material, did the ICO and then abandoned the ship. According to one of the ICO tracking websites I found that they raised around $5 million. Makes you fear the worst for the investors' money. Does anyone has a clue what happened with this project? For now I am just gonna assume the worst.


Review Date: March 13, 2019 09:45:04

1 person project opened like a week ago (social media and github launched as recently as that). No information available on the website except social media accounts (with few following so far). It is supposed to be a mineable (Qubit) community coin and you can mine through a couple of pools apparently. It is based on litecoin code (so in that sense it seems to be a fork) which according to the github page has many improvements on the LTC code, whatever those might be. So far no sign of innovation and it aims to be exactly what coins like litecoin and bitcoin aim to be: 

From Github: "Slice is an experimental digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Slice uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network." So what is so special about this project, well, not so much, so it seems.

So basically this is mostly a guy printing his own money and getting other people to try to give it value. It is however not an ico, and it looks like only obtainable by mining. I haven't been able (didn't actually tried either) to find if it has a pre mine. 

The only reason that I only rate this as kinda neutral, is because of the fact that in the bitcointalk forum page the founder clearly states that "this coin won't make you rich". That disclaimer is at least transparent.


Review Date: March 13, 2019 09:01:36

Yet another typical ponzi arbitrage trading bot with coin attached to it. 0.7% monthly payout promise and your typical red flag under the category "if it sounds too good to be true, it is probably not true." Exit scam in progress probably. Payments started out rock solid to give the platform credibility. Of course there is no proof of the bot working; there is "proof" provided by the team, but that is highly circumstantial. However as per usual the signals of an exit in progress are there also: "ddos attack" (platform down), restricted payouts and from what I understand many users are unable to withdraw anything. This video gives a pretty good insight of what is going on:


Review Date: March 12, 2019 02:45:14

Cookie cutter ponzi/MLM bitconnect imitator. It may be a russian platform, the founder, sole owner and sole director is a Robert Alexander as shown in the incorporation filing in British chamber of commerce. 

This program has:
  • the usual investment packages
  • trading bot/system that delivers the monthly profits; up to even 45% per month (yeah right) with the help of the usual "AI based crypto trading systems".
  • focus on profits that can be made, even shows messages of each time someone has invested.
  • Representatives can get a "downline" of other referring members and they mention that you have an "upline" (as per any MLM/pyramid structure)
This smells an awful lot like the usual ponzi that will collapse/shut down/exit scam at any given moment. As per the inherent structure of ponzi schemes, the blockchain verifiable payouts that are shown on the website are not any proof that it isn't a ponzi, payouts in a ponzi are used to give the scheme credibility. As long as more money comes in than goes out, the ponzi engine is running. To ensure that ratio of in and outflow in favor of inflow, reinvestments of earned profits are highly encouraged, so the money stays in the system, but it does only virtually. The fact they use a token on the blockchain doesn't change that at all. 


Review Date: March 12, 2019 02:03:58

Huge red flag: this project smells like a pyramid scheme. It has already some of the tell tale signs on the website, where special cure all health benefits are assigned to the coffee products they sell in combination with video testimonials of people who suffered from all kinds of health issues that disappeared thanks to this coffee. This is template MLM offering. And a quick google search brings you to this page where the MLM is clear, because you can earn commissions on distributors that you sponsor.

Now this in and out itself has nothing to do with crypto or blockchain, but they have added it to their existing program apparently somehow. ICO gave you the RXSC token issued on waves platform (one of the easiest and cheapest platforms to issue tokens on) and the token according to the whitepaper has no single other purpose than a payments token that bitcoin, waves, ethereum could do just as well. The whitepaper also mentions another Dibcoin for which even less explanation is provided. Seems nothing more than a marketing gimmick and moneygrab by this company. 

As with every MLM associated projects: this is no-go area and this non blockchain/crypto project that quite certainly doesn't even have any significant industry know how, would be safer to be avoided. You will not get rich quick, rather broke even faster!


Review Date: March 12, 2019 01:38:53

I think there is a lot more to criticize this project on in terms of its merits rather than if it is shady or not. Considering the focus this reviewing platform I will only look at its trustworthiness. It seems this team is quite upfront about their intentions and that is a social experiment. They are clear that they don't aim to be a transactional currency, but rather focus on store of value. They don't promise high profits and didn't do an ico, instead giveaway all coins. Interesting concept that they try to experiment with a true deflationary currency, because 1% of coins is burned of each transaction. They seemed to have developed a passionate community around the project. However that is not yet reflected in trading volume on the only decentralized exchange (DDEX) that they are listed on.

However there are just a few minor points that I think are a bit disappointing:
- no technical whitepaper available: but they claim that other things are more important than a fancy worded whitepaper (which is an argument that could be defended)
- although they didn't ICO or fundraise, they do have allocated themselves 10% of initial supply, which means they do try to print their own money.

The last point is the only real criticism that I have towards the project in terms of shadiness. However the value proposition of this token is a whole other discussion that I think any investor should look at with a lot of scrutiny. I do not personally see any value nor purpose with this token other than a fun project and social experiment, but who knows, Dodgecoin also became quite a valuable project despite it being a joke/meme coin, partly because of the strong community behind it. But once again that is another discussion.


Review Date: March 12, 2019 00:47:26

First red flag: Arbitragebot!!! Come on people, anyone that has an active working arbitrage bot is not gonna share it with the public because profits that the edge the bot would have, would instantly disappear. Any sight that offers an arbitrage bot is just using that as disguise of their ponzi-like scam. Ofcourse there is never any LIVE proof given of such a bot actually existing and doing what it promises to do. 

Also, site includes "profits calculator" that are always designed to play on unsophisticated investor's greed and nothing else. Token is forcefully used as an excuse that it is needed to run the bot, but obviously that concept is very vague and we couldn't find the explanation, because the whitepaper is absent. Token is only available on their internal platform and on a shady exchange that has many more shady coins/tokens available. 

Please people wisen up and don't give your hard earned money to scammers!!


Review Date: March 09, 2019 06:41:14

And for those that still aren't convinced, there have been recent developments with regards to One Coin: FBI has arrested one of the ringleaders recently. Apparently One coin didn't even bother to launch an actual blockchain or even an ERC20 token, instead they just used an SQL, so much for the "revolutionary" cryptocurrency. Even Bitconnect at least had their own blockchain (I believe).


Review Date: March 08, 2019 08:06:18

Ayayayay, this should be called "Nigerian Prince Coin" lol! Whitepaper is an absolute joke! They are essentially selling Ethereum as a wonderful solution and then conflate their ERC20 token as a natural success because of Ethereum's success somehowm but nothing about what actual benefit the token brings. I managed to find this of very few sentences that are actually about TICO coin: "With Topinvestmentcoin you will have access to marketplace to ask&bid including the mobile staking wallet which gives you 3% monthly for every investor." No actual value to be found here people!

Another hilarious segment of the whitepaper: 
"challenges. People recognizing the value of cryptocurrency technology and joining the cryptocurrency ecosystem
widely recognize the drawbacks surrounding the existing monetary system and stable currency.
These drawbacks include the increase likelihood of fluctuations in the value of their wealth in the real-world currency. While these fluctuations are
typically small when compared to cryptocurrency they are still worth noting. For instance, a stable currency like USD is subject to devaluation due to
economic inflation whereas, cryptocurrency continue to mitigate issues surrounding stability of value."

Fair enough, in above example, one could argue that in many countries the fiat currencies are in fact failing due to hyperinflation, like in Venezuela and Zimbabwe the value of the fiat currencies is dropping harder than bitcoin has and thus from that perspective, bitcoin is in fact much stabler store of value. HOWEVER, they then give the USD as an example of those unstable fiat currencies compared to the "much stabler" cryptocurrencies. Still, this part of the whitepaper is just discussing cryptocurrency in general, the part that "discusses" TICO is only: token ICO details, very short roadmap, team (pictures of 3 team members with names, I would be very surprised if those lead to actual identities involved with the project), so not any information on what TICO's role in the cryptocurrency/Ethereum eco system is going to play.

Website(s) are "under construction", so perhaps they are updating????

ICO investors get only 20% of supply (team 10%) while 65% is reserved for "investment", which means an enormous amount of dilution is ahead. 


Review Date: March 06, 2019 03:23:03

Zero innovation on this Brazilian copycat of the already questionable Bitcoin Green project (Green Protocol). Even the Readme text is precisely the same as for EDCash as it is for the Green Protocol. Team consists of 3 people according to the website, that are completely anonymous (only avatars). Team is 1 business manager (description: "public relations) and 2 developers, also without background information at all. 

Seems like worthless vaporware to me, trying to bank somehow on Brazilian speaking population. I don't trust this at all!


Review Date: March 04, 2019 07:14:11

At first glance this seems pretty solid and innovative project with a promising future looking at the license and popularity (biggest dapp ever in usage and volume apparently). Also it seems to introduce radical fairness to betting by an innovation where the user him/herselve generates the seed for randomness apparently. I do have to state some reservations because of the following observations that may or may not have any significance, but at least raised my eye brows more than just a little: 

  • Link to medium account is broken (return error: suspended???)
  • No Github updates since Aug 2018
  • They got hacked and EOS got stolen in Sep 2018, article here.
  • Whitepaper seems unavailable, therefore difficult to establish whether acquiring BET tokens actually give a good ROI, not enough details available on website
  • Couldn't find any team details
  • This article also sheds some light on potential red flags


Review Date: February 26, 2019 07:22:34

Pure pyramid and ponzi scheme scam! There seems to have been an ICO, but that was done in secrecy so it seems, so there is no definitive proof of that. Will summarize the red flags soon. I would rate this as "Shady AF" if I could, but that rating tier doesn't exist, so I have to go with the milder "Super Shady". Pay attention, the actual pyramid/ponzi activity is done through Sharenode (with their own internal SNP token, not exchange listed). Eventhough Nasgo (NSG) is technically listed on Bitforex, it doesn't appear (yet) on CMC. 

As a side note, the general consensus in repsonsible cryptocurrency communities is that every project that utilizes pyramid scheme sales structures are all scams and should be avoided. And if it looks like a ponzi, smells like a ponzi, walks like a should be avoided too. 

Nasgo claims to be the "Godaddy" of blockchain and makes investors believe they will take over a $1 trillion market. Noobs are supposed to sell their expensive packages which include a sidechain on Nasgo to small and medium sized businesses for prices between like $1000 up to $2000 (in the Sharenode program, for which you get only hot air in return). Hopefully not too many will actually start doing that, because it will give our industry a pretty bad name (maybe even more than we already have). Notably Michael Jackson's nephew is endorsing this project.

I will just summarize the main red flags and leave you with some additional resources that should fill in the blanks further. Nasgo/Sharenodes red flags:

  1. In their presentation (done by co founder Eric Tibbett), they already claim that they are going to take over a trillion dollar market, which would result in a 1000-1600x gain of the NSG token. Such bold price predictions are one of the biggest red flags.
  2. They made it seem as if they are going to have a Super Bowl sponsorship, a promoter even announced that, turned out that they were only having a VIP room, paid by token investors one could only imagine. No ads, no sponsorships, just visiting the Super Bowl.
  3. They announced exclusive agreements with the Cambodian government (who has banned crypto altogether) and the Chinese government. Apart from Nasgo, nowhere is any information to be found, so one can only be suspicious, otherwise this would have been all over crypto news.
  4. They are selling through a pyramid scheme (Sharenode). The founders have backgrounds in the MLM industry apparently
  5. Github link not to be found, the one that is on the explorer site, leads you back to the explorer. When you go to their account directly on Github, you will find they published their stuff more than 8 months ago and since then no activity in development whatsoever.
  6. their reddit account (still featured on the nasgo website) is banned.
  7. On their Twitter appeared pictures of their co-founder Eric Tibbett with Larry King, claiming to have had an interview with him that should be aired March 1, 2019. Interestingly enough, a fake Larry Kind account is tagged in the Nasgo Tweet announcing the interview. Don't be surprised if no interview with Larry King will ever appear!
  8. Details of their compensation plan are kept very hush hush and is invite only.
  9. As mentioned: the Sharenode tokens are not traded on any public exchange (only internally) and there is no value of that token publicly available. Earned commission can however be reinvested in those Sharenode tokens (maybe indeed better described as "ponzi points") for a nice bonus in those tokens, and thus closing the ponzi loop.
Like the author of the "BehindMLM" articles already describes, this scam is just one cease and desist order away from being shut down. Be careful and do not put your money and reputation on the line by associating yourself with these scammers! Looking at their material and social media I can only say that I thought that even Bitconnect had a better professional representation. This Nasgo is just a low budget scam with a few lower tier MLM guys trying to fake it until they (probably never) make it. 

Here are the links, inlcuding a review video that very well lays down the scam case:


Review Date: February 26, 2019 06:13:54

I do have high hopes for MimbleWimble and I do believe that this team can generally be considered not be scammers. I understand that a team needs some form of funding somehow, but the 20% taxation on mining rewards model is generally seen as a sin in crypto ethics and I would side with that. 


Review Date: February 23, 2019 07:21:52

Oh boy do I have a gem of a scam for you here: BITCOIIN, yes you read that right, these mf-ers were banking on the name bitcoin with double "i", clearly trying to deceive people by using this name. 

Allegedly this ICO was promoted by means of a pyramid scheme and they did receive a cease and desist order already in March 2018. Notably Steven Seagal endorsed this scam coin! All of this has already been confirmed in the media and the team has already exited. The implementation is simply a copy of Ethereum (they even have 0x... addresses) and an Ethereum wallet. It therefore uses accounts in stead of Bitcoin's UTXO model and is therefore even less anonymous than bitcoin already is. After creating the blockchain and the wallet, no further development on Github; dead coin! 

Surprisingly early 2019 it got listed on CMC because it is being traded on some shady exchanges and it did a nice pump and dump. Unbelievable for a coin that is already so long a confirmed exit scam. The anonymous team premined all the 50 million coins and it was supposed to be a PoW mineable coin (which is why it is called a 2nd generation blockchain according to the whitepaper, reflected in its ticker B2G, which is a blatant misrepresentation obviously). The website is still online, because it contains a link where you can purchase mining for B2G which leads you to Dragon Mining cloudmining website where you buy pretty expensive mining packages, so BUYER BEWARE, don't fall for this obvious scam!! 

Even BITCONNECT is less shady than this one! Link to Coindesk article about this:

Marketcap is surprisingly enough still worth $17million, but on a volume of $660k I wouldn't take that valuation very seriously. I posted this eventhough it was a confirmed scam like 1 year ago, but since its recent CMC and exchanges listing it has come back into the public domain, so we need to make unexperienced investors aware of this. Pure exit scam, but apparently ongoing money grab, leaching on ignorant investors, no innovation whatsoever, we could even say the worst of bitcoin and ethereum in one useless blockchain (more or less).


Review Date: February 19, 2019 07:00:50

I am going to second the previous review, however I am going to double down on it by giving it a tier worse rating because I just read that ClearPoll will be part of the JOHN MCAFEE 2020 presidential campaign!!! Yes, you did read that right! What a way to spend your ICO funds/tokens! They say it is to gain exposure for ClearPoll token through the presidential campaign, but I have serious reservations around this whole idea! Or am i being too suspicious?

DeepBrain Chain

Review Date: February 13, 2019 08:02:09

Chinese AI project on NEO blockchain that is allegedly implicitly backed by the chinese government. Couldn't find much that is negative about the project, except maybe this post on r/cryptocurrency that is quite technical:

 A lot of the criticism in that post was however nuanced in updates of the post, admitted by the author. 

Another pain point, although not related to the project itself, might be the fact that it is very low ranked on Coinmarketcap and has a relatively low volume. High risk should be assumed from an investor perspective. Things that I do like are the coinmetrics from the ICO: hardcap was "only" $12m, which wasn't excessive compared to many other ICOs. 

A relatively small percentage of coins went to the team (10%) and 50% of total supply will be generated by mining. Transparency and a long period of unlocking team and foundation tokens: 10% per year over 10 years (predictable inflation) - source: whitepaper. 

It makes the project seem more legit because of a less greedy approach in the ICO. So eventhough I have some reservations on the matter if this is a good investment with a reasonable profit expectation, I do not think that this is an outright scam. Before really investing in this project I think it is really important to be able to really understand the technical implications of this project before you can make a justifiable investment decision on a fundamental basis.


Review Date: February 09, 2019 06:21:27

The more I look at this the more shady I think it is. Red flags all over, marketing gimmicks, focus on making money, subscription for masternodes, and looking at the storm of reviews here, brigades of shillers that come to the rescue immediately (usually that smells fishy to me). Also, any coin that claims to become a worldwide adopted currency, but has a CEO, is almost by default not going to be successful. A Youtuber that i kinda think is reasonably credible said that he has met members from the team in person at some conference, so at least there are real people, so I don't think it is an exit scam or anything, just your average money grab. Bag holders, I'm afraid it is time to realize the harsh reality: this coin is not likely to go anywhere, not enough traction, not enough innovation, just vaporware.


Review Date: January 31, 2019 23:05:18

I do believe this project in and out itself is fairly legit and even though it might be controversial if the wallet is as secure as claimed, mobile wallet security in general is very deemed very controversial all around, so as long as they are at least as safe as most other wallets, I'd say it must be a reasonable product, no criticism there! The only thing I have some concerns about is the actual related token: I have still to find out where its value comes from, what its actual usecase is in relation to the wallet that justifies its existence. After all, they did raise a lot of money in return for those tokens. Not saying that the token is shady, but I think it is wise for every investor to clearly find out where the value of this token is supposed to come from before considering buying it as an investment.


Review Date: January 31, 2019 22:50:40

Well if only whales get burned by this latest Justin Sun money grab. I wouldn't mind it so much, but unfortunately also average retail investors can be this token on the market from the whales. I was disappointed they did an ICO for this; if they wanted to use a fair token reward system, they should have airdropped it. Imo this is a stab in the back for TRX holders. Not sure about the eventual token utility or if it could have any meaningful future value to consider investing in it regardless of its inception, but the pile of red flags make it really hard to trust this.


Review Date: January 03, 2019 23:37:14

This is actually a confirmed scam with 99% probability. This project was supposed to be backed by gold and have its own mining operation. Founders even suggested that they knew Satoshi and were actively in contact with him! Top directors have been involved with brokers that have received penalties for violations by FINRA. Lots of promises; no delivery. Very elaborated scam! They were able to fool Ronnie Moas into believing and endorsing the project! Ronnie Moas is an influencer and reputable analyst that has appeared on TV often. Recently he has called out DIG as a scam and is in the process of trying to get the ringleaders punished by legal action. On his Twitter is a lot of his research available.

Litecoin Cash

Review Date: December 16, 2018 22:49:21

Sorry but this looks totally like somebody printing their own money by doing a hardfork on LTC just like Bitcoin Cash did on BTC, hitch-hiking on the name and reputation of Litecoin. It smells like garbage on all sides, so I wouldn’t touch it with a 5 feet pole. Please people, don’t fall for these obvious scams and shitcoins, get-rich-quick schemes usually turn out to be get-poor-quicker, so don’t waste money and time on this crap; focus on high profile quality projects only!


Review Date: December 16, 2018 22:45:24

This project was initially highly criticized by Ivanontech because of its lack of transparency in publishing the source code on Github, which increased the potential of it being a supershady project. As of recently Ivan seemed to have been more favorable (less unfavorable) towards the project, because he even did a (sponsored) tutorial about coding on the project. He did say that he thought the transparency had improved, though not optimal yet. I would therefore go with a 50/50 on this project. It is centralized as hell though, so buyer beware, then again, which of 99,9% of all crypto coins/tokens isn’t completely centralized?


Review Date: December 16, 2018 22:17:54

Fuel to power the steemit network. I know many are very skeptical towards Dan Larimer’s projects, especially the latest EOS, but I think with Steemit he built a solid decentralized blogging platform with a cryptocurrency rewards element. It is unfortunate that nowadays it will be hard to earn a substantial amount on the platform from content creation. Another criticism is that Dan always leaves his projects to start another; but the fact the founder is not in charge anymore and stays afloat anyway, the decentralized nature in terms of leadership is achieved as well. Not sure if it is the best investment as of right now, but I do believe the Steem project has brought a valuable contribution to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. I believe this project is far from shady imho.


Review Date: December 16, 2018 22:12:43

This was a very successful and promising ICO back in 2017 that got off a decent start, partly fueled by the 2017 bull run and ICO madness. The team, with Julian Hosp as visible leader of the project, always seemed serious and genuine in their efforts to become a successful crypto business. One of their key features was a VISA card that could be loaded with crypto balances. They actually shipped a lot of cards that have been used by many clients. However the project got into trouble when their card provider was ordered to stop services for European clients and their cards project grinded to a halt which was a major setback. They then pursued a banking license to become a crypto bank, but unfortunately I don’t know how that turned out or how far this process is. The project fell more and more into the background and likewise the TenX token fell lower and lower on Coinmarketcap. The token was supposed to be used for fees for transaction that are done using their services and I believe a profit sharing was part of the deal for token holders. Personally I don’t believe TenX is a shady project; I do believe they genuinely try/tried to make it successful, however I worry that it might be a dying project nevertheless.


Review Date: December 16, 2018 22:10:49

I tried to participate in their ICO, which was hyped AF that time. Almost nobody was able to send their Ether to participate and it was sold out in minutes because of the huge gas war as well and they didn’t seem to care that smaller investors didn’t have a chance. I perceived it as a big money grab. After all I was happy I couldn’t participate because the token did absolutely nothing but tanking after listing on exchange(s). Every once in a while I check to see if there is progress and I can’t really notice anything of substance. ICO was 1.5 years ago; Monetha what’s up?


Review Date: October 17, 2018 06:59:53

After seeing and hearing the story from both sides in the conflict, it seems one of both (founders or CEO) have been trying to hijack the project for their own benefit. First of all tokens were still being sold eventhough the ICO already had ended, which was shady in and out of itself already. Then right after the ICO process was concluded, nobody heard from the team anymore for months, until the internal dispute was announced. Anyway still no mining units in operation and token holders are not receiving any benefits from their investment that went from a $1 ICO price to $0.04 currently.


Review Date: October 17, 2018 06:45:04

Endlessly postponed the Wraith Protocol, which has also been very controversial if it adds even anything substantial as they hyped it. They tried to raise funds from their coin holders for a huge announcement that would only go through if they reached a certain amount: that appeared to be the Pornhub partnership. Also they suffered a 51% attack 3 times. Seems a shady, unprofessional project and far from a secure store of value. Has also been through multiple epic pump&dump cycles


Review Date: October 17, 2018 06:30:23

I don't see value added in this project. Enormous shillers community. They copy/pasted Monero code to launch this cryptocurrency and then forgot to take out a bug that was in the original code. So on the tech side not much going for. On the promotional side: claiming mobile mining with your mobile device, while in fact your wallet doesn't do any mining; it is just a "mining experience"; in fact coins are just airdropped; which seems fair enough as distribution method, but then promoting it as mining seems a bit sketchy. Useless, unnecessary vaporware for people that "missed the boat" with bitcoin and ethereum and now hope to get rich quick with this. Oh and did I mention that it seems completely centralized, as it is a registered company.

Bitcoin Cash

Review Date: October 17, 2018 05:30:26

I agree with the previous review. I do believe that the majority of people behind Bitcoin Cash are not intentionally trying to scam people because they genuinely believe that BCH represents real Bitcoin. They have of course the right to believe that. Problem is indeed if they use shady tactics to convince newbies that bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin and trick them into buying. So in this case I would highly recommend: buyer beware!! And do a ton of research on both coins (BTC and BCH) to form your own opinion about both coins.


Review Date: April 20, 2019 23:29:36

Indeed there is no proof at all that circulating tokens are fully backed by USD and thus the fractional reserve banking theory Tether is accused of can't be debunked so far. The mere fact that they aren't able/willing to provide an official audit despite their promise to do so, makes it all the more suspicious. It has been the only functioning stablecoin for the longest time though and due to its liquidity quite useful and convenient on most exchanges. But because there is practically no way of cashing out USDT tokens at Tether for regular users, a real bank run seems quite impossible. The market price could however completely implode and we already have seen the first crack in its reputation with the recent Tether crash where it lost its dollar peg for quite some time and has a hard time to recover. I would only use USDT if I absolutely had to and for the shortest amount of time have funds in it. There are other stablecoins available now if you wanna store against USD value for a bit longer.


Review Date: October 17, 2018 05:14:42

Highly controversial project within the cryptospace. Dan Larimer's reputation because of Steem has given him a good amount of credibility. The amount of money they raised through the ICO seems beyond any reason though and there seems to be a lot to be fixed on the tech side as well as the governance side. This is either the most overpriced software of all time, the biggest crypto heist of all time or (if all current issues are being resolved) it turns out to be a new force in the crypto space. I am personally 90% confident that this is not an intentional scam, but that doesn't mean it couldn't fail either.


Review Date: October 17, 2018 05:09:25

Company that launched a centralized digital currency XRP as a project that has nothing to do with decentralized cryptocurrencies. They are potentially even guilty of selling unregistered securities to fund their business and used hype marketing to pump up the price beyond all reason. They frequently conflate Ripple company's achievements that have nothing to do with the digital token XRP in order to push up the token price. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your anti-cryptocurrency with a centralized company that conducts shady business practices.


Review Date: October 17, 2018 05:04:16

Uses deceitful marketing techniques and tries to overhype prices in order to lure uneducated retail investors. Don't know much about the technical side of this project, which could perhaps give it some legitimacy, but as far as I'm concerned, completely disqualifying based on marketing tricks.


Review Date: October 17, 2018 05:02:28

This coin has such a long track record and acceptance in the broader crypto community and being part of the early beginnings of crypto, that even though it might have started out as a joke (of which everybody was fully aware), it has certainly reached a level of legitimacy, at least far more than 95% of all other coins!

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