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Crypto beginner here! Excited to learn more, research projects and help share with others what I find!

OneCoin - ONE

My family in Europe bought these coins without asking me.... they were scammed :(

Just recently the founder of OneCoin was arrested in LAX for scamming people out of millions! Good riddance OneCoin!

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I like this coin because it is very unique. No other coin is truly deflationary! Also Crypto Zombie covered it on his YouTube channel and I trust him a lot. And Meredith Darden is an advisor and I have been following her for a long time. :)

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Binance Coin - BNB

Love my BNB which is making me very happy recently :). CZ is amazing (sorry for fangirling) but he is saving and improving the crypto world with his leadership and Binance programs that aim to help out other crypto projects. Binance is the only exchange I use recently and BNB is great for lowering fees!

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Atonomi - ATMI

Sighhhh, I bought these coins because Ian Balina and Crush Crypto both talked about it.... :( Now the price went down so much and there's so much talk about the founders having problems and fighting with each other. Reminds me of Tezos... I had such high hopes for Atonomi and now I can't even sell my coins anymore @ a 99% loss. Stay far away and never believe these founders again!

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Bitconnect - BCC

I am not proud of this, but I was caught by Bitconnect too :(. Even thought it was legitimate and recruited some friends. But I learned my lesson... Now only legitimate crypto coins for me. No more lending/staking coins like Bitconnect!

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Divi - Divi

Wow. Seems like this is the first project being brigaded by people on CryptoCanary! It doesn't look good when people come in with new accounts, no profile picture, no bio, and all saying the same thing about a project. They should participate more around the platform instead of only creating an account to shill their favorite project. Just my opinion at least...

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Ripple - XRP

Disagree with the other reviews here. Ripple is a legit company, has a lot of partnerships and real world adoption. XRP will be used in their products/services, just look at their news announcements! Plus XRP outperformed BTC in 2018. Everyone should support XRP.

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BitTorrent - BTT

I really wanted to give this project a chance but even ex-Bittorrent employees are criticizing this move. Just check this out: this ex-employee says Tron's network work be able to handle the high rate of transactions of Bittorrent. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

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Dogecoin - DOGE

I like this coin a lot! The DOGE community is so light hearted and full of good vibes. They also raised funds in DOGE and have donated it to causes they have cared about in the past. Even though it's not really under active development anymore compared to other projects I still like it as long as you don't try to compare it to Ethereum or other more serious ones ;)

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Steem - STEEM

I read a thread on Bitcointalk that says Steemit is a ponzi scheme with the founders having the vast majority of the coins ( Also didn't they have to lay off 70% of their staff or some massive number? That makes me nervous about this project. I'd steer clear.

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