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HEX is a NOT an ICO scam or ponzi. It is a finished immutable functional smart contract on the ethereum blockchain. It's main purpose is to mimic bank CDs=time lock deposits, which is a nearly $8 trillion market or the 2nd largest bank product. It's code encourages holding & staking. Inflation is fixed by code at yearly 3.69% which is paid as interest only to stakers and redeemed when end stake. This means if 1% of all tokens staked, interest is 369%; if 17% staked interest is about 20%; if 100% staked interest is 3.69%. It is in launch phase of 350 days until Nov 19, 2020. It rewards early and longer stakers. It has large bonuses during launch phase IF YOU STAKE THROUGH Nov 19. The bad reviews are bogus. HEX has had 2 security audits & 1 economic audit from excellent companies. Its market cap is over $1 billion, ranking #18 on, and the average stake length is 4.6 years with a range of 1 to 5555 days. It is more transparent than most tokens. CMC is shadow banning it until it is listed on centralized exchanges it likes. CMC recently bought by Binance. For extreme detail & answers to all questions see including all its links. For chart see For extensive videos see on Telegram & numerous other channels on Telegram. It has a strong community.

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