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Ferrum Network

Ferrum Network

Ferrum Network - FRM
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Review Date: January 12, 2020 13:56:17

I have been investing in Ferrum Network since their ICO in August 2029. The main objective of the project is to develop blockchain based technology for the financial inclusion of people in emerging markets. I believe the team will be successful to achieve their goals, at the time as writing they have already delivered Kudi, a FIAT gateway to exchange fiat in crypto and send fiat and cryptocurrency to everyone, and also via WhatsApp, in seconds and with zero fees. They also partnered with financial institutions and banks in Nigeria in order to provide: 1) a one-click account to First Kudi clients; 2) a debit card to pay goods with crypto everywhere. First Kudi App is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. Other working products are the token bridge (to swap FRM tokens between the chains that support it, Ethereum and Binance Chain, and increase its interoperability), the web staking application; they have several partnerships with the aim to improve and promote adoption (PChain, 2Key, Dash, and others); Ferrum is currently at about $1M marketcap, a low cap project that with only $1.2M fundraising and a monthly very low rate expenditure, they are progressing on schedule according to their roadmap. Next products to be released are UniFyre wallet and Stake and Earn (2nd round of web staking) in this quarter, mainnet will be released in the next quarters. Ferrum Network also partnered with DaoMaker to adopt their Social Mining platform: here community members participate in promotion and marketing activities, and valuable contents are rewarded with FRM tokens every two weeks. Best Regards!

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